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And I'm back to edit this page again after nearly 2 years. Funny how little time you have when you're getting a doctorate. Anyway, glad that you dropped by. My name is Ashwin Nair (you pronounce the "Ash" as you would "Ush" in Usher and my last name rhymes with liar). I'm a 25-year old male troper from India. You know, I think it'd be better if I didn't put my age here, since otherwise I'll have to edit this page every year. Then again, I could have fixed that instead of typing the previous line, so that's my character introduction right there.


Now, you must be wondering why I picked the name "Elfhunter". I mean, of course you are. Why wouldn't you be thinking about the reasoning behind the nickname of some random dude on the internet? It's only natural.

Well, I picked it because someone else already took "Outcast", and boy let me tell you, the second I find that bastard I'm going to cut his... [[The content here has been removed by moderators for being too graphic]] ...and then set the pig on fire too.

That's fine and all, I hear you say, but how did you decide on the name "Elfhunter"? Well, I'm really addicted to Dota 2. I mean, I could miss meals if I end up on a winning streak. I think I sacrificed my studies a bit because of it. That and Anime. Probably the reason I ended up a NEET for a year. But wait, you say, Dota 2 doesn't have any Elf races, so you couldn't have based your nick off of it. And that is indeed correct.


I can feel you cringe across time and space, and I'm loving it.

Despite what I've said above, I'm actually non-violent by nature. Unless you happen to piss me off and then immediately lie down on the ground. I've packed in a lot of kilograms (and quite a few more pounds) specifically for that situation.

My taste in music is weird. I can listen to anything from Alice in Chains to Avenged Sevenfold to Opeth to cutesy J-pop.

Oh, and my nick is based off of an even older nick I used when playing Duelmasters online, but the train of thought that brought me to it is a thing of beauty, which might drive you insane if I were to lay it out for you. But I don't hate anyone enough to subject them to that fate. Except for Outcast. Seriously, f**k that... [[Dude, do you kiss your mother with that mouth?]]


Well, I think I've rambled enough. Here's some tropes describing me:


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