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Er...Are you lost? Why are you here? You do realize you could be browsing through all the Awesome, Kickass, Hilarious, or Awwww! inducing wiki pages there are, don't ya?

Well, ok, if you insist. Me? I'm just a geek, nerd, spaz, dork, etc, etc, etc. I love Anime, Western Animation, Comics, Fantasy and Sci-Fi, and to a lesser extent Video Games. I hope to be soon inducted in my first Tabletop rpg (I has dice...and they are awesome dice...).


About time for an update, after all, two years without change. =P Lets see now....

Some of my favorites: AvatarThe Last Airbender, Law & Order:SVU, The Dresden Files, The Anita Blake series, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, both books and movies, The Discworld series, especially any of the books staring the Watch.


Big Bang Theory

R.A. Savatore's Drizzt Series

Warren Ellis

Neil Gaiman

Good Eats

Mercedes Lackey

Simon R Green

More as I remember them. ^^

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