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Saraphyn is 18 and a freshman in college (psych major!), lives in New Jersey (the pine barrens, not the Jersey Shore, thank you very much), and is a major, major geek. And a nerd. And a dork. If it's geeky, she probably either loves it or will love it once she learns more about it.

College has led to me doing a few "normal person things," such as drinking coffee and watching Jersey Shore. On the other hand, I have been playing Spyro in my dorm, so...


I'm basically a geeky smart quiet dandere who's creative but suffers from chronic Attention Deficit Creator Disorder that prevents her from actually following through on anything. Lately, I've realized I'm also a total Tsundere (type B), although I have Kuudere aspects as well.

I did take Spanish all through high school (and am continuing in college), so don't be surprised if I spontaneously start talking (or singing) in broken Spanish. Me encanta hablar en espanol, especialmente cuando nadie puede entenderme. :)

I don't contribute that often, but I do enjoy a good Wiki Walk whenever I have 9056849384394 hours of free time.

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Possibly, possibly.

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I was going to break the All Blue Entry, but then I saw there IS already a text in black. Too little, too late. - Amused Troper Guy

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The People United Can Never Be Ignited!

And if I were less sleep deprived, I'd quote BBT at you!

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