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"What was I doing again?"
Droffatsstafford and many other people in the world.

Why are you reading this?

Hey there. I'm Droffatsstafford, but I'm sure that you don't care. That aside, Droffatsstafford is my username for most accounts I use and I made it by taking my middle name, Stafford, reversing it, then combining them.

I have a Fanfiction Dot Net account, which has no stories as of yet, but I'm almost ready to post my first fic note . It's a Persona 4 Golden OC-Protagonist, and he's based off of me, and not just my supposedly good sides; he's going to be the personafication of all that is "good" and "bad" about me. note 


Oh, did I forget to mention that I have to take anti-depressants to be able to feel like I actually have emotions and that if I don't take them I exhibit varying degrees of clinical depression? No? What about my angst over my happiness being fake?

...It's times like these that I realize that my writing is drastically affected by my mood. And whether I took my ADHD medicine.

...This is a mess.

...Eh, I'll fix it later, when I feel like I can actually write something suitable enough to sum up what I'm like as a person, troper, and writer.

...Again, why are you reading this?


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