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...In which my lazy self finally gets around to writing this bio thing that laziness has prevented me from writing up to this point.

I am an American teen preparing to embark on the mysterious adventure that is adulthood and the collegiate experience. I am a Christian, an aspiring author, and a fangirl. While people out in the real world who don't know me very well might call me quiet, reserved, and painfully shy, I actually have a tendency to be quite snarky and otherwise exciteable. Even though I am currently studying biology, I'm passionate about literature and characters and storytelling in general. Basically anything that has to do with words.


So that's me. Hello!

Below lie some things that I enjoy:




Video Games

Web Comics

Web Originals

...And that was probably far more than you ever wanted to know about me. If you managed to make it this far, I applaud you and offer a much-deserved virtual hug and/or cookie. Or high-five. Whichever you prefer.


Please feel free to vandalize below.


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