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Danger is not actually particularly dangerous. Zie's a junior in college studying computer science. Zie is not a mad scientist.

Other than that, zie's not particularly remarkable.

Zie contributes to: Well, nothing major, really. Lord Of Azure Flame is hir pet page, as zie's a major player in the RP.

Zie is not Katie Tiedrich despite friends' insistence that Tiedrich is hir Tyler Durden. Katie Tiedrich is far more awesome. Danger is, however, the most worst.


  • Danger is genderqueer, you can refer to her by pretty much any pronoun so long as you don't call him "it" because that is not cool. (Some days a particular pronoun is more applicable than others, but zie doesn't expect you to read eir mind to figure out if this is a girl day or a guy day, so he'll put up with any pronoun at any time.) Other accepted nouns are person, dude, guy, girl. Man and woman are sometimes acceptable in the context of a joke. Lady is never acceptable.

One day, hir page will be vandalized...

  • GMH vandalizes Danger's page
  • Tofu vandalizes Danger's weak point page for MASSIVE DAMAGE
  • Your page has been vandalized again. Reason given was: "REMINDED ME OF THAT DARN ELECTRIC SIX EAR WORM"

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