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"I fail markups forever." - My note on my 3rd edit of the Worm Fanfic Rec page getting used to the changed markups from when I first started troping around.

Usually, the person behind this nickname or the more amusing Borkimus Prime will be found cruising around sci-fi MM Os of various stripes, such as, of course, Anarchy Online or Eve Online. Usually genuinely surprised when I find someone that has actually played Star Flight, as opposed to Star Control 2


Happily addicted to reading the TV Tropes but hasn't been utterly destroyed by it yet.

Usually guilty of coming in and making a quip about an entry that needs work, editing or the like but usually don't make changes unless it's obvious griefing or vandalism. The fun and ironic twist comes when tweaking my own pages, only to find whatever markup I was attempting to use failed horribly and the page looks like it was made via Face Scrabble.

Occasionaly found on That Other Wiki too.

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