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Short paragraph about the series and/or its characters goes at the top.

Group of Characters (Protagonists, Antagonists, etc.)

Character Name: Dan in NY

(Voice) Actor(s): Sadly, the actor who would most probably play my voice is Larry David. Though I look like 'Artie' from Warehouse 13, both in age and weight, greying goattee and crush on Lindsay Wagner.


A general description about the character's personality, motivations, etc: I thought it was high time Fast Eddie had someone his own age to play with. Plus, there are all sorts of shows from the 50's, 60's and 70's I can reference as examples of various tropes, and so I'd like to flesh out various pages with those examples.


  • A list of characterization tropes associated with this character, separated by bullets.
Inspire by Telcontar: A brand-new Trope I just made up for those moments when you do something because you saw a veteran of do it first. Not saying that he's the first guy who did it, but rather he's just the guy who inspired me to emulate him. As time goes by and I get more familiar with this place, I'll flesh this list out. Some examples will probably be wrong, such as my considering myself a Faux Action Girl, and some will be right, such as the time I literally had lunch with the daughter of Cthulhu. For 15 years. Thank god we have no children, as she moved to Wisconsin. No character in fiction or real life can see themselves 100% accurately.
  • Man Child — what's anyone over 50 doing on the Internet besides reading e-mails from their grandchildren? I fully admit to being chronologically out of the Competence Zone here, especially as I'm not yet up to speed on this mark-up language. Also, 'One of the Kids' might be better here, as much of my limited knowlege of Internet ways comes from my nephew.

This was so cool that I'm leaving it on my webpage:


The index of Character Sheets is generated automatically. I'm still reading up on how mark-up is done here, so that's a good example of double brackets that I need to research. I also need to research exclamation points.

Also, this page is telling me I need to appropriate index it. I'm trying to get through the 'How Indexing Work' page, but it was written by a tech-savvy individual for other cool people. The line #3 about memetic mutations is confusing my old brain that doesn't process sarcasm.


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