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"Cy Reb, Jr." is the handle of a humble puzzle maker who has so many other interests, he suspects he wants to be Douglas Hofstadter when he grows up. Among these interests are mathematics, webcomics, and ambigrams. His blog is here.

Cy Reb Jr has contributed to:
  • The Addams Family, with two examples of Adaptation Decay.
    • While reading The World of Chas Addams, this Troper came across a particularly interesting cartoon for studying Adaptation Decay (to be uploaded at a later time). To anyone who has watched a full episode of any adaptation of The Addams Family, this cartoon obviously features a proto-Thing, but since at one time these characters were brand-new, the cartoon invites readers to search for a punchline. Wednesday's small pet lizard is a little strange, but the striking part of the cartoon is the manual phonograph cabinet, from which two hands emerge from holes in the top to operate it. Clearly, Thing was originally supposed to be a human! (Of course, even more clearly, I need further evidence to support my thesis, as well as further research to make it precise.)

  • Did A Korean Person Die, with a justification of a real-life example.
    • The example involves a male student asking two female students on separate occasions if they want to see "Harold and Maude" later. Each responds, "Is that the one with the hippos?" This troper suspects that the ladies were both thinking about the "George and Martha" series of children's books, and this is borne out by the descriptions they give.
      • What? They introduced me to split pea soup!


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