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A Dutch troper who seems to embrace tropes as well as cliches. He he has had number of experiences with several real life tropes, enjoyed that, and now consciously tries to work those into his life and the life of others.

Considers himself young, tough others do consider him old if they talk to him. Not as old as he seems online and not as young as he seems in analog life. Also, recently dubbed a Chivalrous Pervert by friends and foes and woman alike.


Among the tropes that this troper likes and has experienced are;

There are others, but it has not been an updated list yet.

Also, his contributions have been found on at least these pages;

He is a geek. A nerd, a techie. That's ok. Cause geeks shall inherit the world. We geeks are your first, last and only line of defence. Against everything. We are the reason society itself does not crumble around your ears. We are part of the Dark Cabal that controls everything. We are the force that makes sure your food is there, your meds are current and your Durex is available. The geek makes sure your car runs, your candle burns and your music plays. It’s been said that through a series of well orchestrated hacks, two geeks can take over the world.


He is a Geek. And proud of it. Want to improve your life? Be good to the Geek.

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