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I am a cute little girl. Ignore my staring at you. I am trying to learn how to be your friend. Let`s use our imagination together. Maybe we can pretend I am you, or that you are me.

I want toys, I have none. You could get me some. Or we can make some together. Or you can be one. I would like to borrow your toys, and you can borrow me.

We can find treasures together. We can be explore. We can find magical friendly animals! We can find them through tiny doors. No worrying, you can fit in. Everyone fits where we need to go. Sometimes smaller is better. No fears, you will love to go, and to give, where we want. I love what you love, you love what I love, we want the same things. Napping is when we see the same dreams... when we forget the same bad dreams.


My cute bracelet jangles when I shake my hand. It sounds nice.

I like the taste of milk. I like my white face friend. He is made of elephants and lives on my neck. Milk makes stone bones. Milk makes stronger feathers. I like my feather.

We can pretend like we are friends and I call you to go play. We can go on trips.

Sometimes you can`t see me, but you can seek me. You can seek your sister.


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