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A trilingual Chinese-American. Interests include playing visual novels (not as much anymore), playing video games, reading light novels and manga, and downloading anime on occasions to keep up to trend.

Also a translator for V16, currently working on Addicted to Curry.

A believer in "Original is always best", so always tries to find access to the source material instead of reading someone else's interpretation/translation of it. Occasionally suffers from major cases of Hype Aversion (since I've heard enough about it to know 70% of the story without actually watching it). Also very picky with anime, since, you know, I might rather spend the time doing other things. So don't often watch anime on my own accord when not streaming.


Enjoys a good discussion over a series, but only if I actually know the topic at-hand.

Don't often edit pages, since who am I to go against the popular opinion?


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