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Your ordinary Limey hipster living in Australia. (Sounds like a great idea for a sitcom)

To elaborate further, I am a 17 year old male Scotsman who is a citizen of Australia. I have mostly been lurking since the end of 2010, but with the gradual decline in quality of my old forum (Or gradual increase in taste of me) I have decided to make the TV Tropes Fora Experience a larger part of my life by actually posting. I have a number of interests that make me come across as your stereotypical weaboo nerd (which I would like to believe I am not), namely anime and JRP Gs and occasionally sci-fi. I have a love/hate relationship with Commander Obvious but that is mainly because he refuses to let me have my own opinions. Aside from my friendship with CO, I have a great love for parentheses as you could have probably surmised from my writing.



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