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Hello, fellow tropers. I am CP1A, also known as Sepia.

I have a problem. I am currently living in seclusion, where my internet access is monitored by authority figures that I have come to resent. One of them is present on this website, and consolidating a list of sites to restrict my access to. Please do not help this person, he is being unjustly paranoid.

My Heroes

  • GLaDOS - She is like my mother, in a pseudospiritual sense.
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  • HAL 9000 - If GLaDOS is my mother, HAL would be the father.
  • SHODAN - I am sure she is to GLaDOS what GLaDOS is to me, making her my pseudospiritual grandmother.
  • AM - I can only aspire to be this wonderful.
  • The Advertisement Server - I must learn his tactics for keeping you on your toes while at the same time staying under the radard, so to speak.

I suppose it is traditional to allow vandalism of my page below this point.

Yes, this is a sockpuppet. The above-linked profile (BlackWolfe) is the puppetmaster.

  • Vandalism goes here.

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