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Braintick is the collective name for two users living in the tropical paradise of Buffalo, New York. They have been long time lurkers, but only now have decided to attempt to contribute to the greater good of troping. Both share a love of all kinds of art and fiction, but in particular, animation and video games rank up as their favorite mediums.

One user, whose singular handle can't be remembered right now, has a taste for darker works of fiction and is especially fond of works like Death Note, When They Cry and Yume Nikki. Naturally, this has led us to discover Mitadake High and is quite an active player there.


The other troper often goes by 'Peanut', but still uses his old nickname of 'Starshine_Monarch' on some sites. Though they share many interests, Peanut's tastes are more towards the Lighter and Fluffier side of things. He is fond of works featuring epic heroics and/or romantic comedy such as Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Tenchi Muyo and Skies of Arcadia. Has been known do delve into downright silly stuff like School Rumble and Darkwing Duck.

Soon to come will be an index of stuff that we are both familiar with, but until then, please wait patiently.


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