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The Archfiend of Lightning, originally Gran Rey Cero, and somewhat of an aspiring author.

Has had some attempts at fanfiction, some on The Fanfiction Forum, some out. All equally failed due to being a lazy author, as well as a novice one. He is contemplating giving it another go, but is waiting for the good idea to strike him.

In his early days, he participated in many Snark Bait threads for the lulz and succeeded in making quite a few troll writers and bad authors stop writing (particular fics). He was very much a Caustic Critic, but has since lightened up, mostly due to a decline in quality of the 'Stories you wish you can destroy' thread. He is also not as much of an avid poster as he once was, when he was tied with Juubi in post count. He was long since left in the dust.