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I joined here early November, but have been lurking ever since I stumbled upon the Boss Rush page (but, no, I didn't find it through Stumble Upon).

I seem to change interests (but rarely abandon them outright) every so often. I’ve been a film buff (favourite directors are Christopher Nolan and James Cameron, the latter ‘introduced’ me to filmmaking); I’ve been a Nintendo fanboy since the SNES days; a couple of years ago I bought The Orange Box for PC and subsequently gotten hooked on Batman AA, the Bioshock series and the Assassin's Creed series; most of my favourite Saturday morning cartoons have been anime (ie Digimon, Zoids and Medabots) I started liking anime (as a whole) as I was introduced to Last Exile and Full Metal Alchemist and finally got hooked (more-or-less,I try not to get to obsessive about anything) on it after finding Ghost In The Shell, Akira and Ninja Scroll in one neat package, I dove into Ghost In The Shell and have been seeking out anime old and new ever since; so yeah I’m an otaku now.


Tl;dr version: I’m a jack of many geeky pursuits."

The name comes from The Other Troper I consider the bullet points a guideline to follow closely (it doesn't, in fact, come from Mr T, fool note ).


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