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Hey there.

The Vitals:

  • Name: Adam
  • Age: 19
  • Sex: Male
  • Location: York County, Pennsylvania

I'm a geek. A big geek. And I'm so proud of it, it isn't funny. I reference things in conversation just for the sake of referencing them, whether or not anyone will get it (though someone usually does, given my circle of friends). I love science, music, learning new things, and of course, wasting time on TV Tropes. I read voraciously and write...not as voraciously. I'm a big anime/manga buff (though not as knowledgeable as I'd like to be), and I play a ton of video games.


My life as a nerd started when I was little: I watched Power Rangers religiously from the time I was five, and continued watching it until Lost Galaxy. I cut my video game teeth on my childhood best friend's Playstation, playing Crash Bandicoot and Twisted Metal, before I got my own PS 1 and became a firm believer in the Platformer and RPG genres.

I didn't REALLY become a nerd, though, until February 2005: that's when Avatar The Last Airbender premiered on Nick. Repeated failures (Danny Phantom not living up to its potential, and Invader Zim getting cancelled, not to mention that absorbent yellow abomination) had killed my faith in the network—in fact, I thought Avatar was going to be crap, too, just because it was on Nick—but then I watched the premiere and my mind was blown. I was an Avatard from there on out.


From there, I just came to embrace my reality as a geek, and jumped the world of fandom feet first and with a lot of noise. LONG LIVE THE GEEK!

Series I am a fan of:


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