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Me, I'm the regular old nerd with way too much interest in books, games, films and all that jazz than what's good for me. I also have a large interest in the more marine part of life - diving and studying the funny lil' critters living under the surface. This, sadly, leads to me having quite a few Somewhere A Marine Biologist Is Crying moments when enjoying my other hobbies, such as finding corals in Rapture...


Apart from that, I'm notable for coarse, often quite weird humour, extensive vocabulary of elaborate curses, and a knack for getting myself stuck in an Archive Binge every time someone throws me a new webcomic.

The handle? Ah, that, my friends, is easily explained. Take a gander at this here music video and you'll know. And be perfectly justified in pegging me as a very great fan of System of a Down.

And should someone be able to make sense of Indexing, I'd be obliged.


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