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Trivia / Shattered Reflection

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  • Word of God:
    • The author Natzo has explained in their end notes of their chapters the details of certain aspects of the story like the other fanmade Future Kids, the numbers for the wars, what the characters have been wearing, etc.
    • Natzo has also made a diagram for Chapter 22 to explain the timeline and explain a crucial part of the story's events. The diagram explains that the two Lucinas (one called Nasty!Lucina and Nice!Lucina by Natzo) along with their group had actually SWITCHED timelines when F!Robin tried to protect them from F!Grima when she tried to stop them. The Lucina seen in Present Robin's timeline is not only Nice!Lucina but also is actually Rose's future daughter she had with Chrom with Morgan and Marc as her twin siblings. Meanwhile, Nasty!Lucina is from Future Robin's timeline and went to the wrong timeline much the same way. This is why the events of the first chapter happens and why Rose was automatically suspect no. 1, it's because she never existed in her timeline.

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