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Trivia / Billy Currington

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  • Black Sheep Hit: Some of his latter-day hits, such as "Hey Girl" and "Don't It", are a lot more uptempo and electric guitar-driven than his usual twangy laid-back fare.
  • Chart Displacement: His longest-lasting #1 hit is not Signature Song "People Are Crazy", but rather a tie between "Good Directions" and "Do I Make You Wanna". While the former is still well-known, the latter quickly faded into obscurity.
  • Follow-Up Failure:
    • "Good Directions" was followed by "Tangled Up", which barely charted and never made it onto an album.
    • "Do I Make You Wanna" was followed by "Wake Me Up" (not the Avicii song), his first to miss top 40 entirely.
  • Missing Episode: Due to chart underperformance, the 2007 single "Tangled Up" was never put on an album.
  • Throw It In:
    • Currington laughs at the end of "People Are Crazy".
    • Session guitarist Brent Mason ad-libbed a 70s porn music "wah wah" style on "Don't", which Currington insisted be left in after he heard it.

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