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Tearjerker / The Edge of Seventeen

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  • Nadine witnessing her father's death.
  • Nadine reminding Darian how much he cried after their father's death and how he wished he would love her enough to do that over her. She may have just been saying it to hurt Darian, but she does reveal in a small way that the thought that her brother doesn't love her upset her.
  • This line of dialogue from the trailer:
    Mona: You have all the answers, don't you?
    Nadine: No, I don't. Which is why I wish I had a mother who would NOTICE!
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  • Nadine's breakdown after finding out that Nick only wanted to be with her for sex.
  • Nadine's whole apology to Darian and her admission that she basically hates herself and doesn't think she can change how she is.

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