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Tear Jerker / The Mediator

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  • Doc starts to cry when Suze delivers the message that he didn't kill his mother by agreeing to take her off life support. Doc is normally a little kid. Suze comforts him as the screaming ghost looks on with relief.
Twilight/Heaven Sent
  • Suze going My God, What Have I Done? when she realizes that she brought past!Jesse to the future, and leaves him comatose. It gets worse when Ghost!Jesse appears, unaffected by how Suze changed the past, and sees his body on life support, and Suze has to explain what she did.
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  • Suze saying goodbye to Jesse as his ghost self merges with his comatose self, expecting that now he's going to move on to the afterlife. She's relieved when he wakes up instead.
  • In the final chapter, when Suze talks to her father's ghost and realizes that he's slowly disappearing, finally moving on after a decade of hanging around and wanting to make sure that his wife and daughter are happy. Counts as an in-universe tearjerker as well, as Suze herself cries during this scene.

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