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Tearjerker / Relic Master

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  • Galen's Crisis of Faith in Margrave. He's spent his entire life serving the Makers, half of that under persecution, and now, when he's desperate and struggling with being The Chosen One, they aren't there.
  • It's not called Sorrows of Kest for nothing. He gets blamed for all the terraforming problems, and then gets locked in a cave, and then dies taking down the Dragon, and the Makers don't even take his body home. And then the Order comes and talks about him as though he were Satan and continues blaming him for everything bad that happens.
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  • Marco's death. He's stabbed by his best friend, no less.
  • "It was for a Sekoi cub that was lost from us eons ago. The only one we have ever lost." The Sekoi love their children more than anything, and this one loss has traumatized them for generations.

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