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Tear Jerker / Peep and the Big Wide World

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  • Anytime a character cries.
    • Especially when Peep starts to cry in “Stormy Weather”. Even Quack gets teary-eyed.
    • Although she doesn’t exactly cry, poor Chirp sounds very close to tears towards the end of “The Sounds of Silence, part two”.
  • Splendid Bird of Paradise's Story: She lived a happy, idyllic life in the jungle, until one day she was captured by poachers and taken to a pet store and stuck in a tiny cage in the city. She escaped, but can't find her way home, and in addition to being lost, is freezing cold in an environment she was never meant for. She's old enough to fly by herself, but seems to be only slightly older then Peep and Chirp.. Her two-parter ends happily when the other birds make a new home for her, but there's still a sad note: There's no indication she can ever find her way back to the jungle she grew up in, and has to make do in this strange new place she was thrust into.
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  • Chirp hatched when her mother wasn't around (and why her parents weren't guarding their just about to hatch babies raises a whole new batch of questions) she fell out of her nest. The narrator states that she wasn't upset because she got distracted by a butterfly and went to follow it, but there's still something heartbreaking that she'll never be able to get to know her family because of an accident she had has a newborn. And in the present she doesn't remember any of this. As far as she knows, she's always been alone. And imagine how her parents must have felt if they found that one of their eggs had hatched, but no baby robin to be seen...
  • Peep's egg was laid in a henhouse, but the egg fell out and he hatched after bumping into a rock. Peep immediately gets found by Chirp and Quack, and quickly becomes the happy, sweet, and innocent little chick we know, but just imagine how his poor mother must have felt losing one of her unborn children like that. As far as she knows, Peep's egg was destroyed.
    • It's bittersweet, since in general they seem to lead happy lives and have food and shelter, and do have older animals like Nelly and Hoot to act as mentors to them, but it's the moment when you realize all those times like when they panic when they think the world is ending because autumn has begun, or think that the big wide world has been "stolen" when there's fog, or Chirp desperately trying to fly even though she's only a baby and her wings aren't fully developed yet, all those moments where the characters are terrified or heartbroken over small, normal things and stay deeply distressed because they don't have parents to explain it to them.
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  • "Stuck Duck" is a pretty funny episode, but it's a little sobering to see Quack gradually get more downhearted as the hours pass and he's still not out of the log.
  • This line, from “Spring Thing”:
    Peep: Things used to be so great. Then it got cold and everything died. Why?
    • He's just talking about winter, but even in context it's kind of morbid.
    • Peep, not knowing that trees lose their leaves in the winter, is horrified when his tree begins to lose it's leaves. We know it's just the tree going dormant, but Peep doesn't, and his distress and desperation to save it is Played for Drama.


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