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Tear Jerker / Gothtopia

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  • The subtext of Batgirl 27, where we see a Barbara Gordon whose family is intact and functioning, and whose best friend is Charise Carnes. In the actual Gotham, Charise was driven insane after watching her family get slaughtered by her boyfriend, to the point that she let herself be arrested and sent to Arkham so she could learn the craft of madness and use it to reshape the city when she was released. In this fake Gotham, Charise is a pampered goofball whose family is still alive and is partners with Barbara. There is a brief moment where Charise almost remembers what actually happened to her parents, and Word of God from Gail Simone is that there will be fallout in regards to how Batgirl and Knightfall see and interact with one another.
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  • The Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds villain Mother Mercy, who snapped because she kept remembering that her family was slaughtered by someone she couldn't recall (the Joker) but kept on smiling, and intended to kill herself and dozens of others to be with her family again, all while trying to find someone who would believe her about the true Gotham City. She's killed by a police sniper.