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Sandbox / Unwritten Rules

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List of TV Tropes Customs and Tips Worksheet that aren't explicitly covered by Administrivia, but we expect tropes to follow them.

  • Sort example lists alphabetically, and chronologically everything else.
  • Characterization Tags are considered fanfiction jargon and are forbidden on this wiki. Don't use them, please.
  • Chapters or episodes in a serial works available before their official release are considered Content Leak and covered by Creating a Work Page for an Upcoming Work. Restrain yourself from adding information from pirated releases if the official one will arrive soon.
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  • Do not change a pre-existing image or caption. This is handled by Image Pickin'.
  • Always end pages with a horizontal line format.
  • Magnificent Bastard examples require designated thread approval, just like Complete Monster.
  • For work names, use the last official English translation available first, then the anglicized name in the original language second. No fan translations in the work name.
  • Pages with 3 or less valid examples, as well as subpages that are too short (except icon'ed subpages) are cutlisted as stub.