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Laconic: Don't post just to point at someone's error or misbehavior.

So you're on the Trope Launch Pad, Ask The Tropers, You Know That Show, or any other large community hub and you find a draft or query that, for some reason, is just off. Maybe a TLP draft is a stub or People Sit on Chairs, maybe an ATT query is a rant about a change in wiki policy someone didn't like. You might want to bomb the draft or respond to the query, perhaps in a snarky way. But HOLD right there!

What you are doing is called popcorn posting. You are bumping the draft/query to the point where it can be seen at the top of the area, and, in the case of the TLP, on the home page. In the worst cases, you are feeding a troll and participating in an activity that will get you and the other tropers involved suspended.


TLP: Hold off on hats and bombs for a few days:

The first part of the process is to just politely give the sponsor some basic advice on formatting the draft, using wiki markup, and suggesting examples. If it's a draft for a chairsy concept, suggest narrative significance and help them update the description accordingly. If it's a work page, tell them to summarize things that happen in the work, and if there are any tropes that apply to these events. You shouldn't hat, bomb, or give blunt comments such as "lol this is chairs", as this just invites trolling.

ATT: Comments should contribute:

If someone comes in with a report about a troper doing bad things, you don't need to point out that the bad things are bad. That information was already contained in the report. If you are aware of additional bad things they've done, or context that makes the things less bad, that's a good reason for a comment. Asking the mods to take action is also unnecessary.

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