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    Cutie Honey 
  • Cutie Honey (2004):
    • Seiji Hayami, seemingly a mild-mannered reporter for the Daily News, is actually an American NSA agent tasked by a mysterious client to detain Honey Kisaragi and acquire her AI System. Using his journalist disguise as way to secretly take photos of Honey and Panther Claw for his client, while attaining extensive knowledge of them, Seiji befriends Honey and Inspector Natsuko Aki in order to get more information on the both of them. Miraculously sneaking his way inside the Jill Tower, Seiji uses the anti-nanomachine serum meant for Honey to instead release the thousands of captive women used for Sister Jill's fuel source. Assisting Natsuko and Honey in the defeat of Sister Jill, Seiji afterwards invites the two to join him in his new investigation service.
    • Butler is Sister Jill's loyal servant who seeks to bring her true happiness. Effortlessly having Honey's Uncle Uzuki captured by Panther Claw, Butler gives Jill the idea to obtain Honey's AI System and use it to increase her lifespan. After Cobalt Claw fails to acquire Honey's device, Butler sends Honey and company an invitation to the Jill Tower, while making a deal with Natsuko to act as his hostage in return for letting Uzuki go, and then getting Honey to give herself up to Jill in return for Natsuko's safety. After Honey reverts Jill back to a seed by giving her the gift of love, Butler thanks Honey for granting his mistress the gift of happiness, allowing her to leave while staying behind in the collapsing tower by his beloved Jill's side.
  • Re: Cutie Honey: Seiji Hayami, supposedly a bumbling journalist for the Maicho Newspaper, is actually "Agent Blue", a government agent tasked with stopping Sister Jill. Well-versed in the history of Professor Kisaragi and his creations Honey and Jill, Seiji gets Honey and Inspector Natsuko Aki involved in his plot to stop Panther Claw. Keeping his true motives a secret from the two just to toy with them, Seiji isn't afraid to coldly kill Honey after she goes haywire, while still congratulating Natsuko for saving her. Doing what he can to assist Honey and Natsuko, while willing to risk his and their lives for the sake of stopping Jill, Seiji ends the story both a hero and an ally in Honey and Natsuko's new crime fighting business. Able to plan his moves several steps ahead of everybody, or at least create safety precautions in case of an emergency, Seiji proves himself a crafty intellect who never loses his playful charm even when caught in tight spots.

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