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    Season 1: The Dorchester House 
A Second Empire house built in Dorchester in 1860. The entire first season covered the restoration of this house, and was broadcast between February and May 1979 on Tuesday evenings at 8:30 PM. The national premiere was on Thursday, October 2, 1980, at 9:30 PM.

     Season 2: The Newton House 
     Season 3: The Woburn House 
     Season 4: The Arlington House 
     Season 5: The Brookline House 
     Season 6: In and Around Boston 
  • All for Nothing: Bound to happen from time to time with a show like this that lasts so long, but still a little sad: The first project from season 6, the bedroom suite conversion, is (as of December 2020) an empty lot according to Google maps.
     Season 7: The Newton Cottage, The Reading Ranch, The Melrose House, and the Tampa House 
     Season 8: The Reading House, The Brimfield House, and The Phoenix House 
     Season 9: The Westwood House and The Santa Barbara Bungalow 
     Season 10: The Lexington Bed and Breakfast 
     Season 11: The Concord Barn and The Santa Fe House 
     Season 12: The Jamaica Plain House and The New Orleans House 
     Season 13: The Wayland House and The London House 
     Season 14: The Lexington Ranch and The Miami House 
     Season 15: The Belmont House and The Honolulu House 
     Season 16: The Acton House and The Napa Valley House 
     Season 17: The Salem House and The Savannah House 
     Season 18: The Nantucket House and The Tuscon House 
     Season 19: The Milton House and The San Francisco House 
     Season 20: The Watertown House and The Key West House 

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