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  • Real Song Theme Tune: Until 2002, the show opened and closed with a recording of "Louisiana Fairytale".
  • Role-Ending Misdemeanor: Bob Vila was a real pain in the neck for the show's construction crew to deal with. Among other things, he ended up hogging the spotlight. However, the last straw was when, before the 1989 season, he appeared in ads for Rickel Home Centers, a competitor to Home Depot, a local sponsor for the series on numerous stations. He was shortly fired for endangering the series, as Home Depot and national sponsor Weyerhauser had dropped their sponsorships as a direct result of the ads.
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  • In Memoriam: Generation NEXT apprentice Austin Wilson from season 39 died of a preexisting medical condition shortly after shooting on the season completed. The last episode of the season included a postscript scene after the sign-off in which a clearly choked-up host Kevin O'Connor talked about Austin's death.

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