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Recap / The Return To Gravity Falls S 2 E 10 A Summerween Carol

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It is the day before Summerween, Stan yelling to the last tour group of the day that the business will effectively be closed the next day as a result. Soos takes off to go pick someone up as the twins come in, Wendy and Dipper avoiding looking at each other. Mabel gives Stan a flyer about a party they are going to the next day, Stan agreeing to let them go. Wendy mentions a day off she was promised and takes off, Stan commenting on the weird looks she and Dipper were giving each other.


Dipper says it's nothing and they all turn as the door opens again, Arline walking in with a poster under her arm. Yuki comes in as Arline reveals the Summerween poster she took from town, the last part catching Stan's interest. The twins explain about the holiday, Arline almost as into it as they are, mentioning her scaring abilities, to which Stan scoffs.

Yuki asks why scaring people is fun, understanding the rest of Halloween except that part, emotion not good when it comes to research. The twins offer to take Yuki to the party with them so he can experience it for himself, but Stan refuses, telling Yuki he has to stay at the Manor tomorrow night. Everyone refuses this, but Stan says he'll get his holiday when the real Halloween comes around.

Yuki is upset but leaves without much argument, the twins and Arline calling Stan out on how he treats Yuki like a doormat. Stan couldn't care less, not even bothered when the twins tell him he's lost points in their mind. He tells them he's going to go do something more important- sleep.


Lying in bed with a magazine, Stan hears noises from outside his door. The first time he dismisses it, but then the noise comes back and doesn't stop, sounding like a moan coming from the hallway. Eventually the moan turns into a ghostly voice saying his name. Stan calls out and a figure in rags appears, Stan pulling a revolver out from under his pillow at shooting at the figure.

The figure turns out to be Arline, Stan not putting the gun down until the twins comes in to investigate the sound of gunfire. Arline says she was trying to scare Stan into being nicer to her, him having been nothing but a jerk to her and others for weeks now. Stan sarcastically says he's been neglecting animals, scaring Mable until he tells her he was just being scary. Arline says she will put a curse on him so three ghosts will haunt him and make him stop caring about only money.


Stan says he cares about family and blood as well, Arline saying family isn't just blood before seriously saying she hope he'll be haunted tonight. Stan doesn't believe her and throws them out, lying back down. He thinks about everything he has sacrifice for the town when it came to his family, Arline having no idea what it was like three years ago. Before we can get any more info on what actually happened then, Stan puts it out of his mind and goes to sleep.

Some time later, Stan wakes up to the sound of a ball bouncing. He sits up and tells Mabel- wearing a jelly costume- to go to bed. She says she can't until she done haunting him, Stan realizing the Mabel he just talked to was twelve-year-old Mabel from Summerween three years ago. He crashes out of bed and tries to leave the room but his door is locked.

He turns to Mabel, realizing it's not Mabel at all. The Mabel-shaped figure says that she is a spirit to show him the light of the past, explaining that she takes the form of someone from the past that the target cares about. She says that she is the Ghost of Summerween Past, thanking Stan and his brother for it. Stan, still not believing her, says he needs sleep. The Mabel-shaped ghost decides to wake him up instead, grabbing his collar and flying through the ceiling.

After several panicked seconds of flying, the world passing below them, Past drops Stan in front of a familiar building, kids of all ages around them. Stan says the place is Jersey Academy for Youngsters, his second school. A voice calls the name Stanford, three boys walking over to a younger version of Stan's twin, one taking the book Ford was reading. Stan tries to take the book back, but his hand passes right through it, Past explaining that he's just like she is- a ghost- and the memory they are in can't be altered.

Thankfully, Young Stan soon shows up, tackling to kid who has Ford's book and sending the other two running away. Handing the book back to his brother, Stan tells Ford that he should listen to their dad and learn how to fight, so he won't get picked on. Ford refuses, saying their dad just want them to be able to bully people, before the two, and grown Stan, realize that the memory is taking place on Halloween. Stan tells Past that Halloween was the one chance he and his brother could have fun, and he would do anything to protect that, including tackling a kid twice his size, even though that was bound to happen after they messed with his brother.

Past changes the memory to Stan's old family home in Jersey, the twins looking in the mirror at their intentionally torn costumes and dyed-corn-syrup outfits. They are betting on who will run away first, a boy named John or a girl named Felicia. Past says Stan got a lot of joy out of Halloween, Stan explaining it was the one time freaks like him and his brother could mess with others, not the other way around. The doorbell rings, and the twins get into position as Stan and Past walk through the walls.

Outside, a nurse and Dracula are ringing the doorbell, Stan explaining that he and his brother were alone on Halloween- their parents always going out of town- and they had ample time to perfect being Master's of Fright. Dracula, the John kid the twins both said would run first, tries to get Felicia to leave, but Ford comes out, corn syrup acting like blood and scaring the couple on his doorstep. Stan then comes out with a 'bloody' shovel, scaring them even more, the two of them cracking up at John hiding behind his girlfriend.

As the four of them leave for some party, Stan reminisces about high school being better times, at least until graduation started going around. Stan asks past if she's done showing him around, not getting whatever point she's trying to make. Past says they aren't done, reminding him about all the effort he and his brother put into their costumes for the first Summerween. Stan says he remembers, Past asking if he remembers how how Summerween came to be, taking him there despite his protests about not wanting to go back there again.

Back in Gravity Falls, Stan looks up at the building which will soon becoming the Mystery Shack, and eventually the Mystery Manor. The one-person home has been housing three people for the past two years, and soon all three of them comes outside, beaten up and angry at each other. Stan explains that the bandages on his arms, and the disheveled state state of Ford and McGucket are from their first battle with the gnomes, the result not having gone well.

Stan begs to go, but Past refuses, continuing to let the memory play as all three men agree they need to let off steam in some way. Stan and Ford, their brains working as one in the weird way only twins can manage, eventually decide they need to scare the pants off the entire town, much like they would during Halloween. McGucket points out that Halloween isn't for another four months, but the twins say screw that, dragging McGucket inside with them as they begin to plan the first ever Summerween, the name eventually being picked by McGucket.

Stan asks to go, not wanting to see him and his brother create a holiday. Mabel asks why he's ignoring the holiday he created, Stan saying that he was ready to quit helping his brother at that point in time, but he didn't. The holiday was founded and the three of them stayed together, which eventually lead to all the heartache that Stan now blames himself for. Past tells him that while his actions may have lead to the ruination of two people's lives, it gave the town of two thousand something to look forward to.

Past tells him he needs to remember what Summerween means to everybody and he needs to get his love for the holiday back. Stan says he does still love the holiday, but Past asks why he's turning is back on it if he loves it so much. She says what happened to his brother is weighing him down, Stan telling her not to talk about his brother before she says that he needs to change, otherwise the past will repeat and cause infinitely more trouble in the future. Stan asks what that means, but Past says it's not her place to say before disappearing, Stan waking up in his bed. At first thinking it was a dream, he remembers what Arline said earlier and he climbs out of bed, furious.


Stan bangs on Arline's door, shocking her awake, Stan taking a bit of pleasure out of it. When she opens the door, he demands Arline take the curse off of him, Arline thinking he is joking. He insists he's not, but Arline just shuts the door on him, Stan bellowing at her to remove the curse before the lights turn off, leaving Stan alone in the dark.

Stan turns around to see Soos watching him, Soos agreeing when Stan says he's being haunted. Stan eventually realizes that the Soos he's talking to isn't really Soos, but the Ghost of Summerween Present. Stan says that if the spirits represent Summerween, they should be ornaments or something, not people he cares about, a fact that he is trying to hide. Present sees through his apparent uncaring, saying that he knows everything, from the fact that Stan does care, to the fact that some of the forest creatures are close to joining in on the festivities.

Present grabs Stan's arm and teleports them into town, which has been prepared for the holiday, Summerween decorations lining the streets. Present tells Stan he needs to remember why he is important to people, Stan laughing after a moments hesitation. Present sees through the laughter, knowing that he's worried about the twins outgrowing him, the two of them and Yuki saving the town last month, and Arline helping at the Manor, both proof of that.

Stan grumbles, halfheartedly denying the fact as and angry Pacifica walks out of a costume shop. At first thinking he's found someone else who doesn't like the holiday, Zander comes out as well, and her realizes that both of them have costumes in bags. Pacifica grumbles about the store clerks laughing at her idea before mentioning being mad at her parents. Zander says they'll come around, and she can help him plan the party tomorrow in the meantime.

Present explains that after Pacifica helped the twins with the Phoenix the other day, her parent kicked her out of the mansion, and she has been staying with Zander ever since. Present tells Stan that the holiday brings people together and helps people, McGucket walks up to Pacifica and Zander, the former at first turning him away before getting a look from Zander. Zander offers McGucket an invite to the party, the only requirement that he wear a costume.

As Zander and Pacifica head to his car, Present tells Stan that even McGucket is happy for the holiday. Stan says he is the reason McGucket is how he is, but Presnt tells him to move on from the bad past and look at what is good now- the entire town loves Summerween. Stan isn't encouraged, so Present grabs his arm again and takes him back to the Manor, where the twins and Yuki are hanging out in the attic.

Mabel is trying to explain the concept of scaring someone to Yuki, Dipper half-heartedly helping out. Stan realizes Dipper is still upset about the whole Wendy thing. Present, who is up to date on Wendy's secret and Stan's concern for her and Dipper, suggests Stan helping Dipper. Stan says no, saying it's not his place to reveal Wendy's secret, and Dipper wouldn't accept his help anyway.

Mabel asks Dipper what is wrong with Stan being so grouchy to everyone lately, Dipper saying he has no idea. Yuki agrees that Stan is difficult, shocking the twins, who think Yuki should say more against Stan than just 'difficult.' They say that Stan has been a jerk to both Yuki and Arline, neither of whom did anything against him, and he still bosses the twins around like they were twelve.

More hurt by the twins' words than he cares to admit, Stan continues watching as Yuki asks the twins to stop bad-mouthing Stan, refusing to dispute Stan's more experienced viewpoint even in private, trusting Stan knows best. Mabel tells him it's okay to stand up for himself, pointing out that Stan tends to forget the Yuki fixed his mistake with the Animus. Yuki says no, hoping Stan will eventually trust him, knowing that people can change.

Feeling hurt and guilty, Stan asks the Present to take him away. Present tells Stan the people in the Manor trust him. Stan says they shouldn't, admitting he is selfish and only really cares about money. Present tells him they should trust him, knowing Stan cares more than he lets on. Present begins to fade, telling Stan to "beware the child of the future if you don't nourish it," and to "feed the future with the good of the present, or else the future will take what it can to feed it's own present" before disappearing entirely.

Stan wakes up back in his bedroom, preparing for the Ghost of Summerween Future to come for him and take it's turn. The Ghost appears, wearing a black robe that hides the face and body, leaving no hint as to who Future is supposed to be. Sufficiently freaked out, Stan stares at where the face should be, currently nothing but blackness hiding under a hood. Future, saying nothing at all, back away, revealing where Stan is.

Gravity Falls has turned into a war-zone, buildings destroyed and fires blazing across the land. The sky crackles with lighting, and eerie purple-red color, gravity appearing to be a fickle thing. Trees of the forest move on their own, Stan watching as the goblins shoot down one such tree creature, sending it crashing to the ground and destroying another building in the process.

Stan asks Future what happened, but the only response if for Future to point at the Northwest Mansion, fires and lights visible even from the distance. Stan follows Future through the trees up to the mansion, passing humans fighting creatures he has only ever seen in the forest. Stan says Bill is the only being who could cause as much chaos as what is being shown, but that is impossible unless the Portal was reactivated. On the word 'portal,' future turns to Stan, revealing that the Portal was in fact reactivated.

Trying to get more answers out of Future but getting nowhere, they arrive at a hill leading up to the mansion. Future points a single human figure up the hill, Stan realizing the hill has bodies littering the ground instead of rocks. Stan and Future make their way up the hill, Stan passing people in solider uniforms, forest creatures he recognizes and even some he doesn't, discarded weapons, and eventually passing the bodies of people he knows from town, most of which are burnt and have claw marks in them.

A voice yells fire and Molotov Cocktail rain down, engulfing a tree in flame. Stan turns to the source of the command and sees Mabel with a crowd of other citizens around her, the light in her eyes long gone. Stan's slight joy at seeing survivors resisting whatever is going on is vanquished upon Mabel being informed they are running out of food, and the tree monster they just took care of only the scout of a larger force heading their way.

Thin and injured, Mabel walks away from the group of survivors, Stan following her down what was once a garden path, but now just leads to stones in the ground. Mabel begins talking to the stones, crying that people expect her to lead and she can't. She asks herself what Dipper would do before a voice tells her more monsters have arrived. As she leaves, Stan demands answers from Future, wanting to know where Dipper is.

In his anger, Stan grabs Future's robe, the material cold and coarse, and the two of them teleport to the Manor property, the building itself in utter ruins. The roof has caved in and there are crack in the ground, Stan realizing the latter are a result of the Portal being reactivated. Stan asks Future about what happened, but Future just points him to where mounds of earth are lined up next to the ruined building.

Not wanting to get closer, Stan walks to the mounds of earth, crashing to his knees as he realizes the mounds are graves with planks of wood label about who is where. The first grave is labeled SOOS. The second is labeled DIPPER. The third is labeled STAN. Wanting to think he's just dreaming but knowing that what he is seeing is true, not just something to scare him, Stan begs Future to tell him he's wrong, but gets no response.

From the forest Wendy runs out, looking almost as bad as Mabel and the other survivors. Wendy heads towards the destroyed Manor but a figure leaps out of the woods and crashes down on top of her. Holding her down with one foot, Yuki calls out his partner- Warlock. Wendy attempts to attack them, unable to say words or make any progress with Yuki's foot on her back. The Warlock grabs Wendy's face and turns her towards the Manor, conjuring a ball of black flame, forcing both her and Stan to watch as the fireball is launched at and destroys what is left of the Manor.

Stan tries to stop Warlock as he conjures another ball of black flame and hits Wendy with it, Stan unable to watch at the fire takes its toll. Warlock leaves as Yuki walks over to the graves. To Soos, Yuki doesn't say much, Soos not having been that bad of a guy. To Dipper, Yuki says that Graupner has a better grasp of reality that he ever did, and Yuki feels that he made the right choice. To Stan, he just scoffs and picks up the planks of wood with their name on them, throwing them into the fire before walking away.

Finally having had enough, Stan tells Future to take him back home, promising he will change and remember the good things about Summerween and stop being mean to people and he will do all these things if he can prevent what he just saw from happening. Future touches Stan's shoulder, revealing a hand with six fingers on it before the robes fall on Stan, engulfing him in darkness.

Stan throws the blankets off himself and wakes up to see everything in the Manor is back to normal. He grabs his glasses and leaps out of bed, but slips on the blankets on the floor. His glasses break but he doesn't care, grabbing his robe and rushing downstairs, passing the shocked twins and entering the gift shop barely decent.

Stan first hugs Soos, then turns to the crowd of people who are staring at him. He says that for one day only, everything in the gift shop is half-off. Soos grabs Stan and asks him what his brother's name is, following the order Stan always gave him to make sure Stan is really Stan. Stan answers correctly and Soos asks him why he's giving out deals, Stan explaining that it's Summerween before turning to the twins.

He bear-hugs the twins and noogies them like crazy before Yuki comes in. Stan releases the twins and gives Yuki the whole day off, telling the twins they have twelve hours to get him ready for the holiday. As the twins drag Yuki away, Soos says he's never seen Stan so... giving before. Stan tells Soos it's okay to use the word nice, telling Soos how he's always been that. Realizing how much he appreciates Soos, Stan tells him to man the cash register until the ruch is done or noon hits, whichever happens first.

Stan goes outside and knocks on Arline's door, first telling her not to pay rent today, and second telling her thank you. He says that while he doesn't like her and thinks she's hiding something, she has kept the twins safe in the times she's been there. Telling her happy Summerween and leaving her confused on the porch, Stan heads back inside. Arline wonders if her curse actually worked, but then dismisses the idea as stupid before going back into her room.

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