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Recap / Sword Art Online II Ep 2 Cold Hearted Sniper

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In Gun Gale Online, a party lead by a player named Dyne set up an ambush for a raiding party expected to come through a deserted wasteland. According to intel the party received, their targets were out hunting monsters. As such, they were only carrying energy weapons and defense shields. With their live-fire weapons, this would prove to be an easy hunt for the party's ace sharpshooter, Sinon.

When the targets appear, Sinon notices that they had an extra person in the party that they had no intel on. Believing this newcomer, Behemoth, to be a possible problem, Sinon asks to take him out first. Dyne insists she stick to the original plan and kill the party leader first. Sinon still plans to use her second shot to kill Behemoth.


The party leader is felled with a single shot from Sinon's sniper rifle, but the tables quickly turn when Behemoth brandishes a minigun. When her party members spring their ambush on the targets, Behemoth manages to kill several of them with ease. Dyne suggests logging out, but Sinon chews him out on his cowardice. Just as Behemoth spots and targets Sinon, Dyne shoots him in the arm, causing him to miss, before launching a suicide attack on the enemy party's stragglers with a plasma grenade.

Sinon tries to target Behemoth from a skyscraper, but Behemoth spots her. With nothing else to lose, Sinon dives from the skyscraper to get into Behemoth's blind spot. Even though she loses a leg, she manages to land a fatal shot on Behemoth, winning the battle.

Back in ALO, Kirito tells Asuna of his decision to transfer his character data into Gun Gale Online.


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