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Given Roll To Dodge: Savral's sheer density, this recap page was created to summarize everything thus far. Due to the ambiguous timeline and the diverging nature of each player’s story, this page has been organized by each player’s storyline instead of by time frame. Players are listed in the order that they joined.

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First Incarnation: Ambiguously-Gendered Human Wizard

Trip spawns in a mountainous forest region in the eastern portion of Harkad. Trip accidentally sets fire to the forest, alerting shrumen from a nearby village. He flees up the mountain and overhears the shrumen trying to put out the fire. After escaping, Trip finds himself high upon the mountain, right at the entrance to the dwarven city of Stormwald. He tries to gain information about Stormwald, but he instead summons forth a unicorn which lands on him and walks on his face. After having another spell blow up in his face, Trip banishes the unicorn. Trip wanders off and runs back into the shrumen below, who accuse him of being a witch. He convinces the shrumen that he’s a good aligned wizard. The shrumen mention that some of their brothers have gone missing and that the mine may be infested with undead. Trip heads back up the mountain and enters Stormwald.

Trip navigates through Stormwald and finds a corridor guarded by two golems. After testing their behavior with illusions, Trip dashes through the corridor only to step on a number of lighting runes and activate a few crossbow turrets. Trip jams the turrets by sitting on their trigger stone, but he then meets with the Witch Schierke. Schierke captures Trip, brings him down into her lair, and ties him down onto an operating bench. Trip teleports himself, Schierke, a bear-shrumen abomination, and several other golems into the shrumen village of Tal-Uras. Schierke and her golems assault the village while Trip escapes to the outskirts, where he finds a group of guards along with any surviving villagers. The abomination discovers the group, prompting Trip and the guards to attack it. Just as they finish it off, NESgamer 190 appears and crashes into Trip.

Trip heals himself, but a possessed kobold head that accompanied Nes absorbs some of the magic. The kobold head fuses itself to the bear-shrumen corpse to form a Kobold-Unicorn-Bear-Shrumen abomination. The unicorn monstrosity launches fetuses at the surviving villagers as they try escaping. The Witch Schierke and her golems appear and attack the abomination. Trip retreats with the villagers into a nearby forest, but he finds Nes buried in the ground.

He teleports everyone to an abandoned goblin city in the witchlands. The kobold captain suggests to get everyone moving before they starve or die of thirst. Trip conjures an eye to scan the area, upon which he finds the Harkad border wall and a mine shaft. After bidding farewell to everyone else, Trip travels into the mine shaft. He finds an ancient temple with statues of unicorns and Cathari Sarad. Further in, Trip finds a set of sarcophagi for summoning undead minions. After fumbling, Cathari Sarad appears and offers to make a contract. Though Trip declines, Cathy makes a contract with him anyway and shoves her foot down his throat. Trip becomes a Witch.

Cathy teleports him to a dirt house on a remote island. In his new abode, Trip acquires Cathy’s guidebook and reads through it. When he tries to exit his house, a sheep blocks his way. Trip fireballs the sheep, but the Cathy transforms it into the Ashen Goat Demon. He fights the demon using the guidebook as an aid. Just as he’s about to finish it off, Cathy redirects one of Trip’s spells back at him and lets the demon kill him. Cathy revives Trip, tortures him to death, and repeats the process for what seems like an eternity.

Second Incarnation: Dragon Warrior Girl/Witch

Trip spawns back on her island. She travels trough a portal to District-12, where several Puzov soldiers confront her. They bring her to an isolated, underground chamber. An overseer begins questioning Trip about her nature and concludes she’s an immortal. The overseer offers Trip a job that involves hunting witches, but it inexplicably explodes. After waiting alone for a while, Trip escapes with the help of the Witch Beatrice. She makes a pact with Trip and removes Cathy’s pact. Beatrice briefs Trip on the other witches.

Trip travels to the Harkad perimeter to go on a witch hunt, but the Puzov forces come under fire from a Harkad assault force, including a dragon and the witches Gruntilda and Circe. Beatrice instructs Trip to lure Circe away from the troops near the perimeter. Trip insults Circe and leads her to a Puzov battalion marching into Harkad territory. After this, Beatrice teleports Trip back to her lair. Trip heads out and flies onto the dragon’s back when Beatrice commands her.

Cathy appears in the place of Gruntilda and teleports Trip to a dungeon. Trip tries staying put, paranoid of Cathy’s antics, but she falls into a chamber filled with spiders and a sentient tumor. The tumor requests that Trip slay it. When she does so, Trip continues through the dungeon past a series of torture chambers. Trip manages to escape the dungeon and Beatrice teleports her into a war planning room. She asks Trip to assist with the occupation of the Laguz peninsula. After accepting this mission, Trip goes to rest and drinks a potion, which triggers an acid sequence.

Within the sequence, Trip goes on a journey into a strange cave. She acquires two gemstones within the dream/drug sequence before finally waking up. She then travels to the Puzov base on the Laguz peninsula.

     Makuta 9999 

First Incarnation: Human Battlemage

Makuta spawns in the Sumerian-style Temple of Hastar. He reads and translates some writing on the walls, which glorify King Yassari II. He reads over a cylinder in the room’s center, accidentally performing a ritual that transforms himself into a spiderswarm lich. The ritual alerts three temple guards and their spider familiars in the next room, who then charge Makuta. Makuta uses his spells to collapse parts of the ceiling on the guards, comprising of a battlemage, a cleric, and a paladin. After Makuta nearly defeats the guards and blocks off an entrance, the cleric absorbs one of his spells and uses it to revive the paladin into the enhanced Templar Reborn. Makuta covers the floor with ice and then tries to collapse the ceiling onto the Templar as more guards file into the room. He fumbles with a few spells and suffers several blows from the Templar’s holy mace. Even though two more guards enter the room, Makuta slays the revived paladin and turns the two guards into spiderswarms.

The Templar explodes in a flash of light, and Yassari II appears atop the central column. As Makuta has become a lich, Yassari II offers to become his mentor and explains what he know about the world. The old king teleports Makuta to his palace on the island of Trasti. After giving him a set of skeleton legs, Yassari II asks Makuta to check on one of his mines since his followers have gone missing. When the king tries to send Makuta to a friendly outpost, he gets sent directly to the mine, which has been occupied by Puzov forces.

     Fox Mccloud 4387 

First Incarnation: Two Headed Giant Assassin

Fox spawns in a grassland somewhere in Sarastil and walks over to a nearby village. However, his thunderous footsteps bring alarm to the villagers, who are convinced he’s working for the Harkad Empire. Fox explains that he means no harm. A bowman convinces the others to let Fox in, but they keep him under constant supervision. The bowman asks Fox to prove his allegiance by killing a Harkad commander stationed along the border to the north, and Fox agrees to do this. After falling into a hole on the way, Fox finds the Harkad border perimeter and then sneaks up close to it, where he overhears a few kobold guards talking on top of the wall. He tries sneaking onto the wall, but he alerts all of the nearby guards. Fox tries to take out as many guards as he can, but he only manages to kill one as the kobold archers shoot him down.

Second Incarnation: Goblin Rogue

Before his second incarnation, Fox fails to take control of a minotaur and goblin. He spawns in the middle of the Gajj desert, near Enri’s pyramid. He falls into a series of holes and lands in an expansive cavern. Fox wanders about the cavern but encounters a group of chaurus-like creatures.

     NESgamer 190 

First Incarnation: Dwarf Fighter

Nes spawns in the abandoned dwarven city of Axehelm. He leaves the place after seeing that its filled with dwarven remains. After hearing strange noises outside, he hides himself behind a tree and watches several ghosts rise out of the ground. Nes flees the area and runs toward a kobold fortress, but he crashes into a peeing kobold, alerting six nearby kobold guards. As one of the guards runs off to get reinforcements, Nes fights against the other guards with his hammer. He eliminates a few of them, but when a battalion of kobolds comes to reinforce, he tries fleeing only for the squad leader to cut off his leg. The kobolds capture Nes, heal him, and bring him to a holding cell. While imprisoned, the jailer rambles on about the dwarven mines and mentions both an invasion from the witchlands and the Nivani rebellion.

Nes offers to lend his services to the kobolds, so they send him to a watchtower at the witchlands border, ordering him to scout there. Once there, he gets ambushed by a group of insane kobolds who worship Cathari Sarad. Shortly into the fight, the Witch Medusa appears on a unicorn and watches the fight. Nes tries to escape but Medusa cuts off his path. The unicorn humiliates Nes by swapping itself with him such that Medusa rides on top of him. Nes breaks free and finishes off the kobolds. Medusa allows him to go free. He runs into a group of armored bears along with Medusa’s unicorn. After breaking his hammer, he retreats to Al-Osam, where a group of kobolds heal him up. One kobold becomes possessed and kills off the others while Nes is frozen in place. The Witch Cathari Sarad appears and offers to teleport him to one of the other players if he makes a contract with her. When Nes asks for specifics, Cathy forces him into the contract and makes him suck on her foot.

Nes teleports to Trip’s location and crashes into him while the possessed kobold’s head follows him. The head absorbs Trip’s healing spell and fuses itself to a flesh golem Trip had been fighting along with Nes’s newly acquired hammer. The fusion results in a unicorn abomination. It fires fetuses at a group of nearby shurmen villagers as they escape. Nes climbs onto the abomination and attacks it. The Witch Schierke and her golems appear and attack the abomination. Nes retreats into a nearby forest ahead of the Tal-Uras villagers, but Cathy appears and buries him into a hole filled with cockroaches. A few shrumen dig Nes out.

Trip teleports everyone to an abandoned goblin city in the witchlands. Nes explores the city and obtains some armor. He accompanies the Tal-Uras people back to the Harkad border while scouting ahead. After navigating the mountainous terrain, he encounters a Puzov guardian who asks for identification. Nes asks for sanctuary from the witches, and he describes Medusa and Cathy in detail. The Puzov soldier offers hospitality for Nes and the Tal-Uras villagers as Nes leads him back to them.


First Incarnation: Human Cyclist/Cavalier

Space spawns on a coastline in the Avis-Sfal domain. He heads over to the town of Tgan and meets the high priestess. The priestess mentions that villagers have gone missing while traveling to other villages and suggests to head to a forest in the south. As the priestess offers to grant Space’s bike flight capabilities, he accepts and heads off. On the road, he finds an elf and a unicorn watching a trade wagon from a hill. Space tries to get their attention, but they ignore him. Instead, Space runs into one of the people escorting the wagon. He convinces the escorts he means no harm as the elf begins attacking. He tries to impress the civilians, but he accidentally rips some guy’s arm off. Space kills the elf by throwing the arm at him, but then Lord Herobrine’s amulet appears and starts burning him. Space removes the baneful aura from the amulet. He tries attacking the unicorn, but it swaps itself with an oxen driving the wagon. After this, Space retreats on his bike and lounges around. He falls asleep and loses the amulet.

Space travels to the Srujjan forest and finds an elven encampment. A band of elves and the unicorn from before show up. He throws a skull at the unicorn only for the beast to swap itself with one of the elves. Space convinces the elves to join his side. He attacks the unicorn and seems to slay it, but it attaches itself to a nearby Cathari statue and evolves into Aspect of Cathari Sarad. Space runs from the statue-fused abomination as it picks off the elves one by one, leaving only an elf named Sam.

He returns to Tgan while Sam stands outside. After Space reports to the high priestess, she asks him to gather people from the other villages to fight the unicorn abomination. She gives his bike flight abilities. Space flies to the mountain village of Sfan, bringing along Sam. Once there, the local priestess asks him to lead her people to Tgan while organizing everyone else. Space travels to a village in the west but discovers that its people have already evacuated. Space returns to Sfan but gets his bike stuck into the ground. He leads everyone to Tgan. On the way, an appendage of the abomination kills Sam and attacks the travelers. Space tries fighting it but it goes back into the ground. Everyone reaches Tgan. As Space searches for a way to help the civilians, Cathari Sarad appears behind him and starts killing off the civilians while taunting him. After trying to run away, Space suffers a heart attack due to Cathy’s incessant laughter.

Second Incarnation: Human Thief

Equipped with an amulet of flight, Space spawns in the Kelos region of Harkad near a circular depression. While trying to enter a hole in the depression, Space fumbles with his flight abilities. While exploring, a unicorn appears, causing the area to become dark. Twelve spectres appear and harass Space as he tries fending them off. As Space escapes, a few of the ghosts start morphing to resemble Cathy as Space steadily loses his sanity.

Space escapes from the ghosts to a farm house where a few kobold soldiers have fled. He accidentally kills one of them while hallucinating. He convinces the others the attack was an accident. One kobold mentions that a black dragon annihilated most of the guards defending the border perimeter. One of the kobolds becomes possessed by a unicorn, prompting Space to kill him. A unicorn abomination, Wyrmwraith, appears after Space punts the kobold’s head. Space and the kobolds try fighting the monstrosity. Midway into the fight, Cathy appears and taunts Space. He tries attacking her, but she kills him after paralyzing and kissing him.

Third Incarnation: Kobold Sorcerer

Space spawns in the Orokelos region of the witchlands. He heads up a nearby mountain to the town of Theros, where a drow named Alexis greets him. He heads up a nearby mountain to the town of Theros, where a drow named Alexis greets him along with a unicorn named Apples. Alexis leads him through the city until they reach a temple in the center. When she asks him to kiss the feet of a Cathari statue, Space flees but crashes into the ground. Apples harasses him but then disappears, leaving by a troll named Pollock. The two of them venture into an abandoned village and fight against a Giant Millipede. Both Pollock and Space die in the battle.



First Incarnation: Human Scribe

Brah spawns near a village in western Keran. After contemplating on how to set fire to the sun, she heads toward the village, but a unicorn lures her into the forest. Once deep enough, it then kicks her in the shins and trots away. Vowing to have her revenge on the unicorn, she sets up a primitive trap and catches the attention of a wandering adventurer. The adventurer asks Brah to translate a scroll she’s carrying and mentions she’s seeking to hunt a unicorn. Brah reads it and acquires a healing spell. The two search for the unicorn, and they find the unicorn sitting near a pond. Brah manages to get onto its back without alerting it. She hacks the unicorn to pieces, but the unicorn detaches its head from its body and taunts her while brainwashing the adventurer. The unicorn curses her with the unisign and the adventurer slices her arm off. When Brah heals herself, her arm grows back into a hideous, unicorn abomination of flesh. She cuts it off. The unicorn and the adventurer eat the deformed arm.

Brah escapes from the forest and heads to a small village. The villagers, seeing the unisign, take her to the local priestess, who removes the curse and heals Brah. The priestess becomes possessed, attacks Brah, and then kills herself. This prompts the villagers to set fire to the priestess’s house. Some of the villagers suggest sending a message to the king to fight against the unicorn threat. While Brah offers to help the evacuation, the villagers instead assign her with the envoy to Keran, comprising of a twenty person wagon train.

While camping at night, the caravan gets surrounded by shade fanatics. Brah tries negotiating with the Imari shades, but she instead angers them into attacking. One of the escorts, a mercenary named Sturm, cuts open a path through the shades and everyone still alive escapes into a nearby forest. When Brah tries healing Sturm, he plunges an arrow into her stomach on accident. When Sturm leaves to assault the shades, Brah follows him but gets attacked by a few shades. After some confusion, Brah gets Sturm to kill the shades. Once they get to the shades’ position, Brah charges it and gets riddled with arrows. She heads back to the camp and sleeps for the night.

When she wakes up, she finds everyone has been slaughtered as Sturm returns blind. After the two explain things to each other, Brah restores Sturm’s vision. The two of them head off to the city of Keran. Brah freaks out over the citizens’ spider familiars and attracts several unicorns to her. As Sturm kills off anyone who becomes possessed, a sea of spiders consumes Brah.

Second Incarnation: Shade Sorceress

Brah spawns on the northern tip of the lugaz lands in the middle of a battle between the lugaz and a Puzov landing force. Brah fights alongside the Puzov forces as the laguz decimate them. Brah flees and then swims out into the ocean, but she gets attacked by a shark. She swims back to the shore, heals herself and continues fighting the bird-laguz. After she sets herself on fire, Brah heals herself, but her spell brings forth the Witch Louise. The witch tears through both the laguz and Puzov forces while taunting Brah. Louise inexplicably disappears.

Brah looks around for pants. She then swims toward a fleet of Puzov galleys heading to shore, but she gets attacked by the same shark from before. On the beach, two Puzov soldiers ask Brah about what happened with Louise. She tells them, but they become possessed and kill themselves. When a few nearby guards surround Brah, she tries explaining herself. Shortly after, Louise freezes time and summons several cat heads, which try puking down Brah’s throat. She tries fighting back, but she then kills herself. In death, Brah’s soul catches a glimpse of Louise’s true form.

Third Incarnation: Laguz Fighter

Brah spawns near a large lake in Harkad. She tries going in but gets captured by guards. They bring her to the barracks. The captain mentions that Harkad is facing a two-pronged witchlands invasion along with a rebellion, and that the town of Tal-Sajjuk will likely fall next. Brah offers to help defend the town and goes to the library to retrieve a spell scroll. A number of possessed kobolds infiltrate the library and conjure up a series of portals as a staging point for Medusa’s assault. As Brah tries holding them off, the town guards break in and rescue her, but they are shortly defeated by Medusa herself. Brah gets apprehended by Medusa, but she convinces her she’s not hostile.

The witch lets her go free, and Brah travels to Al-Osam as the Orokelos forces assault Tal-Sajjuk. After crash-landing, the drow occupants ask her about Medusa’s assault and a lightning strike that occurred recently. Their leader, Tessa, mentions she’s worried about the Orokelos supply situation, and asks Brah how to acquire them. During this, Brah has to explain how trade works. After some more talk, a drow named Melanie mentions she’s spotted a shrumen village. Brah offers to translate for her and accompanies her. Once there, the shrumen ask her about events. Shortly after, a unicorn appears, and the shrumen accuse her of being a witch. When she explains she’s not one, Melanie and the Shrumen become possessed, and Brah flees into the sky.


First Incarnation: Centaur Rogue

Rivux spawns near the capital city of Harkad. He walks over to one of the main roads going into the city. He steals a potion and a scroll from a hapless dwarf. He asks around for the name of the city, but two kobolds laugh at him for his ignorance. Slighted by this, Rivux returns to his spawning point and reads off the scroll. The scroll details an assassination plot against one of Harkad’s generals. He heads back into the city and returns the stolen goods to the dwarf. Rivux explores the city but gets robbed by a goblin youth. He chases after the youth but fails to capture him. Rivux wanders into the industrial district and steals a kobold helmet, but a guard sees him. He escapes into the harbor district. He studies the harbor to find anything he can steal. The guards find him again and surround him. Rivux distracts them by angering a dwarven merchant, who tries charging the guards. After he escapes, an unknown assailant shoots tranquilizers into his neck as he tries leaving the city.

When he wakes up, Rivux finds himself behind bars. A kobold official named Naazim Hasuni asks him to act as a spy in exchange for his freedom. Rivux accepts, and Naazim provides him with a modified Puzov communication ring. Rivux then travels to Nivani through a portal. Once there, he gets killed by a Puzov guardian in the area.

Second Incarnation: Centaur Thief

Rivux spawns in a Nivani encampment alongside a few rebel soldiers. He mentions the Puzov guardian to them. The communication ring, still attached, causes Rivux to hallucinate. He calms himself down and falls asleep. He wakes up in a boat along the shores of Sarastil. After fumbling with his dagger, Rivux walks along the coast and meets the Witch Yukari. She asks him if he’s seen any Puzov guardians. Though Rivux is confused by the question, Yukari cuts his hand off. When he explains himself, Yukari removes the ring, reattaches his hand, and offers to recruit him. Rivux accepts and Yukari asks him to nab a supply wagon.

Rivux goes inland and finds a wagon with a single driver and a pike-wielding escort. While sneaking around, he startles a group of bandits hiding under a bridge. The bandits blow up the bridge and attack both Rivux and the wagon. Rivux reconciles with one of the bandits, but the wagon driver hurls frost bolts at both of them. After getting nailed with frost bolts, Rivux retreats further inland until he finds a Sarastilian town. He wanders about until he finds a wagon with a broken wheel.

     Lord Herobrine 

First Incarnation: Shade Necromancer

Lord Herobrine spawns with a zombie bodyguard in the witchlands. He crafts an amulet made of wood. He calls out to a nearby ghost child, who mentions that her sister has gone missing. As the child tries leading him, Lord Herobrine incinerates himself while giving his zombie a fire aura and enchanting his amulet. Herobrine then exiles the amulet of burning, but he unwittingly teleports it to The Space Phantom. He follows the child to a pair of skeletons with a cave lying ahead of him. While he asks the child about her sister, a monster known as Soulreaver appears from out of the cave, prompting the child to vanish. He tries firing a barrage of spells at the monster, but it encroaches on his position, knocks his guard zombie away, and devours him whole.

Second Incarnation: Ghost Cleric/Archer

Lord Herobrine spawns in the Spyrus mountain range. He enters a cave, but a magical barrier cuts off his way back out of the cave, forcing him to navigate it. He wanders into a chamber with octarine torches and four slumbering unicorns. Sneaking past the unicorns, he obtains a silver necklace and finds his way out of the cave. As he exits, the Witch Cathari Sarad appears out of nowhere, trips him, and curses him.

While exploring his surroundings, Herobrine fries himself with holy magic while trying to heal. After wandering around, he travels to a shack belonging to an elf. The elf explains things about the local area and lets Herobrine sleep in his shack. He heads over to a nearby village. There, the priestess gives him a dark admixture, which heals him. Due to Cathy’s curses, the priestess asks Herobrine to leave the village, though she suggests a few places for removing the curse marks. He leaves and heads north. Along the way, he gets attacked by a group of wolves. He climbs a tree to escape their reach. The wolves eventually leave, and Herobrine continues heading north. He finds a light but falls into a hole while approaching it.


First Incarnation: Human Soulsword

Philosopher spawns in a rainforest in the northwestern portion of Ixal-Pas. He gets attacked by a tiger, but he kills it easily and dons its corpse as armor. He travels to an orc village, meets the shaman Xaktu, and asks him to resurrect his tiger so he can ride it. Xaktu asks him to retrieve an ivory talisman in the city of Quasik-Kol. Phil heads off until he finds the abandoned, Mayincatec city. As he fumbles with his tiger corpse, Phil tumbles down a hill and runs into an angry crocodile. After a skirmish in a nearby river, Phil slays the beast, but it explodes before he can scavenge it.

Phil explores the city and then enters an Aztec-style pyramid. Inside the pyramid, Phil makes a light orb explode, causing him to fall into one of the temple’s sub-layers. The Witch Marisa, acting deep inside the temple, manipulates a set of spears to engage Philosopher. After some fighting, Marisa comes up to fight Phil, but he dissuades her. The witch mentions a “Witch’s Ball” and asks Phil to help her. Marisa hands him the ivory talsiman and the two of them teleport to the orc village. There, the guards escort them to Xaktu’s hut. After trying to hide from Marisa, Xaktu resurrects Phil’s tiger. Phil tells the village leader, Qanis-Jindu, that Marisa wishes to unite the orcs. Jindu tells him to head to Ixal to meet with the Raj. After a detour, Phil and Marisa travel to Ixal.

Once there, a group of guards surround the two, viewing Marisa as a threat. The guards capture them with rooting spells and tranquilizers. When prompted by the prison guards, Phil offers to answer their questions if they let him see Marisa. The guards escort him to the witch’s cell, where she remains sleeping. While Phil explains himself, a unicorn appears, kills one of the guards and possesses two shamans. Phil tries attacking the unicorn but it eats him instead. When his soul tries searching for a shaman to revive him, one of the possessed shamans does so. The unicorn eats Phil again.

Second Incarnation: Lich Gunslinger

Philosopher spawns in a forested area within Eni Fiana. Phil summons the ghost Tyrone, one of the people traveling with bRaHiAn1. Phil has Tyrone scout the area. He learns that there are elves with horses nearby along with a cage containing humans. He tries summoning a demon but gets a unicorn statue instead. He quickly expels it. Phil tells Tyrone his story and Tyrone talks about his early life along with his journey with Brah. After summoning a tiger, Phil heads out to the plains but gets ambushed by a band of elves on horseback. Shortly into the fight, Phil disintegrates three of the elves with a holy rocket, causing the others to flee.

He interrogates an elf who had been blinded in the fight. The blind elf rants about the oral history of the elves. Phil replaces the tiger with a kobold rogue. He gets the rogue to free a sedated prisoner from the cage while he struggles to mount a horse. Phil takes everyone with him further into the plains. There, several horses teleport in front of him. All of the horses turn out to be unicorns. Phil asks one of the unicorns to bring him to Ixal, and it complies, bringing him on the roof of the Ixal palace. He finds the city has been devastated and tries to ask a lone orc what happened. The orc, who turns out to be possessed, attacks Phil while many ghosts come out to harass him. While fleeing, Phil tries to rocket jump but kills himself.

Third Incarnation: Lich Gunslinger

Phil spawns at the mouth of a river on the west side of Ixal. While heading over to a nearby settlement, an orc steals his rifle. Phil summons a giant, green, fire-breathing kangaroo that slays the thief, but orc guards from the settlement attack. During the fight, an Ocean Elemental appears, and Phil joins forces with the orcs to try destroying it. The elemental shreds through everyone and kills Phil. Phil regenerates in the same spot because he had buried his phylactery there. While a floating kobold head, Chuckles, torments him, Phil summons an old, blue, reptilian man, who questions Phil’s authority and knocks off his head. The blue man gets assaulted by unicorns. Phil’s head clumsily rolls around on the ground as it tries to reattach itself, but it attaches itself to Chuckles’s body. Phil unsummons everything when the blue man shows signs of possession.

Phil heads into the mainland and encounters an orc village. He finds a burial mound. Thinking there’s treasure, he digs and finds a golden axe. However, a unicorn-infused abomination of an ogre assaults Phil. Phil summons an iron golem that beats down the abomination. Phil accidentally resummons Chuckles, who is fused to Phil’s old body. After Phil deflects a gunshot from Chuckles, the unicorn abomination tries to absorb the kobold head, but takes significant injury. The unicorn abomination, known as Corrupted Berserker, continues trying to attack Phil. When he tries to arm his golem with a halberd, he conjures forth an ultra-holy, anti-octarine weapon, which the golem uses to slay the unicorn. In the aftermath, it is revealed that the Corrupted Berserker had once been Surt. Phil gets incinerated by the anti-octarine radiation.

Fourth Incarnation: Doppelganger Gunslinger

Philosopher spawns within the Sarastil subregion, right next to the destroyed bridge where Rivux had encountered the bandits. Phil looks over the bandits’ corpses and heads south. By examining a sign on the road, Phil learns the town of Ivanstel has been attacked by elves. When he heads east, he finds a village being attacked by said elves.

     Rhyme and Treason 

First Incarnation: Raven Laguz Pirate

Rhyme and Treason spawns outside the city of Nivani and then enters it. After stealing from an noble, he breaks into a politician’s house and confronts three guards. The guards quickly subdue and arrest him. In jail, Rhyme finds a Puzov communication ring and wears it, prompting an overseer to contact him. A Puzov infiltrator breaks into the prison and frees everyone, including Rhyme. The infiltrator teleports the prisoners into an underground tunnel and then into the Pan Dormil guild headquarters. Although a black knight tries recruiting Rhyme, the laguz declines and gets the knight to remove his ring. He is then teleported out of the city of Nivani. Rhyme attacks a group of fishermen and takes over their boat.

In his new ship, Rhyme rows over to the village of Favi but has trouble landing. The village elder asks him to get rid of some bandits along the road. Rhyme accepts this quest and heads out. On the road, he encounters six bandit archers, one of which rides a unicorn. He tries flying into the air but the unicorn buries him in the ground. The unicorn impedes him as he tries escaping. Rhyme fakes a surrender, causing the unicorn to leave. He then makes his escape and tries evading the bandits. The unicorn teleports him to the Srujjan forests, where he finds that Aspect of Cathari Sarad has expanded all over the forest. Rhyme tries disarming the abomination, but it instead swallows him whole.

Second Incarnation: Vampire Bard

Rhyme spawns near Province-7 within the Puzov Dominion. A few Puzov guardians find him and lead him into the city’s central tower. Rhyme gets captured and placed in a holding cell. An overseer questions him as he tries to find a way to escape. A guardian brings Makuta 9999’s fossilized form into the cell and the overseer asks Rhyme about it. Rhyme tries throwing it against the cell walls, but they don’t budge.



First Incarnation: Dwarf Battlemage

No1mustevarno spawns in Laguz territory. He falls into a hole leading into a troll lair. No1 climbs out but the trolls chase after him. He finds a shrine along with laguz putting out a fire. While dawdling, the trolls capture him. The trolls force him to dig a tunnel, during which No1 escapes. While wandering, a raven-lugaz brings him to the priestess of a nearby village. No1 tries speaking but his speech becomes incoherent, prompting the priestess to kick him out.


First Incarnation: Zombie Treant Barbarian

Kayne appears near an Imari mine in the mountainous region of Saa-Vuq-Atat. When he tries talking to some of the shade guards, they attack him and alert other guards inside the mine. Kayne skirmishes with the guards as they try cutting him with sabers and lobbing firebombs at him. After cleaving many of the guards and tossing one into the firepot’s flames, Kayne gets hit with a firebomb. He finishes off the remaining shades. After the fight, Kayne extinguishes the flames consuming him and leaves the cave.

He encounters the Witch Jadice, who introduces herself as an angel. She tries healing Kayne with her holy magic but causes significant pain. Jadice asks him to slay a necromancer ruling over the desert, claiming he’s trying to build up an army. Kayne accepts the task and Jadice flies him over to an inn in Vaslem. After Kayne rests, Jadice flies him to the middle of the Gajj desert near a large pyramid.

Kayne heads over to it and a few cloaked figures escort him. There, he meets with the lich Enri, who heals him with dark magic. Kayne explains his backstory while Enri explains how he became a lich. Enri explains that he wishes to terraform the desert. Enri mentions that the Witch Jadice attacked his sanctuary. Enri talks about witches and the growing threat of the unicorns. He suggests that Kayne should visit one of the bordering territories to forge an alliance against the witches and unicorns. Enri removes a tracking spell Jadice planted on Kayne. Enri tries teaching Kayne the Ixali language, but Kayne hears it as English. Kayne learns the Banish Unicorn spell and then sets off into Ixal.

While wandering, Kayne gets snared by an orc shaman, but he quickly establishes good terms with him. Kayne follows the orc to his village, which comes under attack by Marisa’s forces. Kayne fends off against a number of tigers, but Marisa subdues him and makes a pact with him. He tries to convince Marisa to be diplomatic with the orcs, but the Witch Louise appears, isolates Kayne and fast forwards him to nighttime. Louise devours Kayne’s soul and sucks all the moisture out of his body.


First Incarnation: Nymph Shaman

Tabbune spawns along the southwestern border of Nordland. Tabby wanders into a haunted dwarven village and gets attacked by skeletons. She keeps the skeletons at bay with control spells and summons a Shiba Inu/doge to deal with them. After trying to shield herself with vines and getting nailed with crossbow bolts, Tabby transforms into a plant spirit as Cathari Sarad taunts her. When Tabbune finishes off the skeletons, she gets afflicted with a curse that disintegrates her flesh. She heals herself to keep the curse at bay. While wandering around, Tabbune encounters a pair of elves, who advise her to cut off her arm. After she does so, the elves ask Tabby to come with them. She declines, but then Cathy reappears, teleports her into the Sfali region and summons a Giant Doge. Cathy destroys the Giant Doge after it tries attacking her. She then summons an Acid Spawn, which kills Tabbune instantly.

Second Incarnation: Fairy Pyromancer

Tabbune spawns in a town in Keran. She listens to a preacher rant about Yassari II, who has declared himself emperor of humanity after saving Keran from a unicorn attack. Tabby steals a health potion and pours it on the preacher’s head. The preacher and the crowd surrounding him mistake her for an angel. Tabbune tries leading everyone on a holy war against unicorn worshipers, but a few townsfolk question her legitimacy. A unicorn appears and terrorizes the citizens with mass mind control. When Tabby tries freeing them, the unicorn kills everyone that was brainwashed. Tabby and the citizens attack the unicorn, but it evolves into a fire-based abomination. When Tabby claims Cathy is a false goddess, Cathy appears and punches her. Tabby accidentally sets fire to the whole town, and Cathy mocks her for it. After torturing Tabby for a bit, Cathy feeds her to the unicorn abomination.

Third Incarnation: Merfolk Ice Wizard

Tabby spawns near a city in Qal-Andu. She swims and walks up to it, confronting a pair of guards. She accidentally spits on them. A group of guards chase her down as she tries escaping and kill her.

Fourth Incarnation: Demon Knight

Tabbune spawns in the region of Anzrich. She comes across a foxhole with an elf in it. Though she tries being peaceful, the elves attack and capture her. She convinces the jailer to let her escape so she can hunt the Witch Cathari. Tabbune enters a Draugr-like barrow with mummified Bugbear corpses and a single light. The light asks her if she is with Cathy, who Tabby mentions is her enemy. The light asks her to open a casket in the center of the room so it can reclaim its lands from Cathy, who she calls the laughing witch. Tabby accidentally hurls the lid of the casket into the ceiling, collapsing part of the cave in while a number of Bugbear zombies begin to rise from their slumber.

     Jondanger 23 

First Incarnation: Dwarf Crossbowman

Jondanger 23 spawns on a mountain in the Qal-Andu domain. He runs into two cougars and falls down a cliff while fighting them. After wandering about, Jon finds an orc town where he rests and gets healed. While getting up, Jon falls into a hole and finds a tunnel network. A few orcs go down and follow Jon through the tunnels. Deep inside, the group finds a set of railroad tracks. As Jon investigates, he gets ambushed by the Witch Grimhilde’s mind-controlled orcs. Outgunned, Jon convinces Grimhilde to let him work for her, upon which she makes a pact with him.

Grimhilde has Jon go over to a village to lure the orcs there so she can brainwash them. Jon gets healed by the villagers. One of Grimhilde’s goons shoot one of the village guardians in the head, causing many orcs to chase after him. Jon tries leading some of them, but the orcs become suspicious. As Jon explains himself, a unicorn reveals Jon’s affiliation, prompting one of the orcs to smash Jon’s head with his crossbow.

Second Incarnation: Human Knight

Jon spawns near the Saa-Vuq-Atat mountain range. While trying to access a cave on a nearby mountain, he gets attacked by a group of shades led by the Seer of Imari. Though Jon tries defending himself, the Seer quickly subdues him and knocks him unconscious. While Jon is imprisoned, the Witch Jadice, claiming to be the goddess Imari, appears in one of his dreams. She mentions that the Seer is a witch corrupted by the unicorns, and she urges Jon to liberate Saa-Vuq-Atat from her grasp.

When he wakes up, Jon tries escaping from his cell, but the shade guards manage to subdue him. To escape death, Jon tries converting to the faith of Imari. With the help of a local priestess, Jon undergoes an initiation rite to join the faith. A unicorn spontaneously appears and takes possession of the priestess and some of the guards. Jon tries fighting them alongside the non-possessed shades. During the fight, Jadice appears, exorcises the possessed, and eliminates the unicorn. She then offers to help Jon on his quest. Upon Jon’s request, Jadice transforms Jon into a shade and teleports him into an abandoned tunnel. Jon discovers the tunnel’s an illusion. Without warning, Jadice disappears and a contingent of skeletons begins attacking Jon.

Sometime during the fight, the skeletons vanish and Jon finds himself in the middle of the Gajj desert. He encounters one of Enri’s soldiers and tries attacking it. The zombie kicks Jon, causing to impale himself on a stalagmite. After the zombie walks away, Jon kills himself.

Third Incarnation: Orc Brawler

Jon spawns in the middle of a tundra region. He wanders into a cave and finds a fire sitting across a large pit. Jon tries to leap across but falls into the chasm and dies.

Fourth Incarnation: Satyr Cryomancer

Jon spawns within the Eni Fiana plains near an elven camp.


First Incarnation: Human-Ogre Berserker

Surt spawns on the southern edge of Ixal territory. He head to a nearby watchtower as shaman charges through the area. The shaman warns Surt and the tower guard that people in the capital have gone mad and slain the Raj and his family. The tower guard gives Surt an axe with eldritch properties. Surt heads off to a nearby village to gather people for an attack on the Ixal capital. He accidentally angers the orc Qaxit, who challenges him to a duel. Surt lands a few blows, but Qaxit overwhelms him by augmenting his maneuvers with earth-magic. In defeat, Surt heads west and encounters a shaman and his family. The shaman attacks Surt after seeing his eldritch axe, but Surt demonstrates he means no harm. He heads off to find monsters to slay but runs into a unicorn along with some possessed tigers and an orc. When he attacks the unicorn, it fuses to his axe. The unicorn-axe takes possession of Surt, causing him to slaughter most of the inhabitants in an orc village.

     BC The Entity 

First Incarnation: Zombie Cleric

BC The Entity spawns in Nivani occupied territory. He finds a sign in English to explain to the locals that he won’t eat people, but when he finds a group of Nivani rebels, they freak out due to the English lettering. BC tries explaining himself to them. BC learns about the Nivani gods and then heads off to a nearby town, where he meets Marduk the Warmage. BC tries teaching Marduk the way of Temere Numerus while Marduk talks about his upbringing and how the Nivani rebellion started. Marduk leads BC to a nearby fortress and offers to let him dine with the troops.

After Marduk gives him some fine attire, BC gets into a scuffle with a drunk. BC explains himself to Marduk after the fight and then sits down to eat. Marduk suggests a number of ways BC can help the Nivani forces. BC heads down to the fortress’s dungeon to interrogate a group of kobolds. Down there, a group of unicorn-possessed guards and kobolds attack him. While fending them off, a Cathy statue grabs onto him and teleports him to one of Cathy’s torture chambers.

Cathy fondles and tortures BC for a bit before making him into her manslave. She provides BC with a house on an island and teleports him to it. BC examines the belongings in his house. He acquires an enchanted shovel but accidentally releases a few moths. While examining a few books, one of them crushes his fingers and the moths attack him. BC tries smashing them as the moths multiply and Cathari taunts him. A swarm of bees also attack BC when his shovel knocks over a honeycomb. When BC tries dissuading Cathy from killing him, the insects kill him, after which Cathy revives him. This happens a second time and then Cathy dismisses the insects. He exits the shack and tries to access a portal back to Nivani.

Cathy teleports him back in front of a dead and severely tortured Marduk. BC tries a dispel illusion spell, causing a unicorn to appear, fused to Marduk’s corpse. BC escapes from the room as the unicorn abomination starts to grow. He descends down the tower he’s in but runs into the possessed guards from before. He uses his enchanted shovel to plow through them but breaks through the wall. He lands on the roof of the central building of the fortress but shortly falls off. While trying to escape, the unicorn abomination consumes BC.

Second Incarnation: Elf Wizard

BC respawns in his home alongside a beardless dwarf. He begins reading through the guidebook while the dwarf chews on a shovel. BC takes the shovel away from the dwarf. While trying to learn magic, the book explodes in BC’s face, and the dwarf acquires a new shovel. The dwarf claims Cathy said he can smash BC’s head with it if he asks him to do something he doesn’t like.


First Incarnation: Drow Binder

Math spawns in Laguz territory. While approaching a cave, Math falls into a hole with a group of trolls and accidentally terrifies some of them. He convinces the two remaining trolls not to attack him. They introduce themselves and argue amongst themselves about who will lead him. Once the argument settles, they lead him to another group of trolls, but laguz from the surface dig into the chamber and try drowning everyone. Math freezes the water. The laguz float down and start digging the trolls out. Math convinces the laguz that he was captured by the trolls. A laguz mage mentions that they're being attacked by Puzov forces and they could use his services. Math offers to help, but a unicorn appears and teleports him near the Puzov base, right next to a squadron of dragonborn soldiers. Math takes possession of a human mage and tries to flee with him, but the mage collapses for some reason. Math picks a Puzov communicator ring from the mage and puts it on. After Math gets a message from an overseer, the ring pumps toxins into his body and kills him.

Second Incarnation: Drow Artificer

Math spawns within a jungle in the Qal-Andu domain. He heads over to smoke rising from the jungle and finds a village recently raided by a group of orc riflemen. Said riflemen begin to shoot him.


First Incarnation: Human Ranger

Logo spawns in the northern part of Nordland. He finds the ghost of a dwarven child, who mentions that monsters had eaten everyone in his village. Logo offers to help. He then travels to a nearby settlement, but falls into an elven mine. A group of elven guards attack him and try eating him. While trying to escape, Logo runs into a dwarven slave, who kills him.

Second Incarnation: Human Ranger

Logo spawns in the region of Sakkur. He wanders over to a nearby settlement but gets robbed by bandits. They knock him unconscious and dump him in the nearby river. A soldier drags him out and asks him what happened, but Logo loses consciousness again. He wakes up in the man’s house.


First Incarnation: Half-elf Ranger

Cyberse spawns within the Spyrus region. He heads over to a village, where the inhabitants attack him due to his elven appearance. When he explains he’s a half-elf, the village leader takes sympathy on him. She mentions that one of the children has gone missing and has likely been kidnapped by the elves. Cyber begins his search, only to fall into a hole on top of a number of spears. He finds a light source buried in the ground, and uses it to explore the underground network. He finds a ritual chamber with a Cathy statue. While rummaging through a pile of spears, he finds an invisibility circlet. Cyber continues exploring the tunnel network and stumbles into a cloaked figure. Both Cyber and the figure try communicating with each other but fail to do so. The figure leads Cyber through the tunnels to a portal leading to Enri’s pyramid. Cyber then meets the lich Enri, but Cathy appears and teleports him away. In his place, Cathy summons a Russell Crowe lookalike, who claims to be Javert. Cathy disappears and the two fight.

     Black Mage Anolis 

First Incarnation: Kobold Cavalier

Anolis spawns in the witchlands regions riding a raptor. He encounters a strange pillar formation housing a portal. He travels through it and appears atop a mountain range. He tries tries stealing a sword from a zombified elf, but it strikes back and topples his raptor off the side of the mountain. After some struggle, Anolis slays the elf.

     Lord of the Junpei Zone 

First Incarnation: Human Ranger

Junpei spawns in Vaslem. He goes into a nearby forest and finds a shack within, but a number of signs with unicorns on them appear. He eventually enters the shack and wanders down a suspicious stairway. While descending, he falls into a cavern, where he encounters a group of cannibals along with a unicorn. He shoots it, causing it to fuse with a pile of bones nearby to become the Unimancer. The cannibals begin to pile up on him, and Dolan spawns from the Unimancer.


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