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Recap / Ouran High School Host Club E 21 Until The Day It Becomes A Pumpkin

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Haruhi's Class 1-A has a Halloween event called "The Halloween Test-of-Courage Tournament," in which teams do their best to scare each other. The losing team will be featured on the front page of the school newsletter with the headline, "The Captains of All Cowards." Class 1-A president, Kazukiyo Soga, isn't so keen on this idea, as he reveals to Haruhi that he has nyctophobia, a fear of the dark. He begs for Haruhi's help and wishes her to keep it a secret, but the twins find out and the four of them become Team B. On the night of the event, Soga reveals that he has a crush on Momoka Kurakano, Class 1-A's vice-president and the twins reconsider their teasing of him because he's "pure-hearted." Nekozawa and the rest of the Host Club join forces to scare Team B and use Tamaki dressed as the Clocktower Witch to terrify them. Haruhi and Hikaru run in one direction, tripping a net that traps them above ground while Kaoru and Soga run in the opposite direction only to be shoved and locked in an empty room by Kuretake and Kadomatsu, the Nekozawa family servants. There, Kaoru muses to Soga about "the carriage being turned back to a pumpkin" which Soga doesn't understand. To Kaoru, though, it means that Tamaki's dream of keeping everyone together must end one day and that his "special relationship" to his twin, Hikaru, must also end. Haruhi and Hikaru manage to break free of the trap courtesy of Haruhi's hidden sewing kit and they reunite with Kaoru and Soga and, eventually, all of Class 1-A. Nekozawa frightens everyone by casting a shadow of Beelzenef on the domed skylight, thus earning Class 1-A the title of "The Captains of all Cowards."


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