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Recap / Moral Orel S 2 E 10 Be Fruitful And Multiply

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Father and daughter finally meet.

While Rev. Putty buys a heart shaped trashcan to replace the one that was stolen years ago, Orel finally convinces Stephanie to come to church with him. Rev. Putty is immediately smitten with Stephanie, only to be shocked when she claims to be his daughter, considering he never had sex. He finds out her mother was a Stalker with a Test Tube that stole the trashcan and used the...ahem, used tissues to impregnate herself. Despondent at ever getting to lose his virginity, he almost mockingly lets Orel stand at the podium, only to have his faith renewed at Orel's speech on what brings him joy, and he approaches Stephanie to begin their father/daughter relationship.


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