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Recap / Mariglenica Records Of A Multiversal War

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This is a recap page for Mariglenica Records Of A Multiversal War

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     Chapter 0/story so far 
Reprinted from the sign ups thread, this is the original introduction to the game which introduces the concept of the shadow man.

Once upon a time, Mariglenica was a peaceful world where there was no evil at all. But a terrible experiment by one of the world's greatest Mages ended all that. A vicious villain called the Doom Lord was created that day and the peace of Mariglenica was shattered completely. After witnessing her entire family perishing in flames and her home completely leveled, Sarah Blueskies uses the one remaining Dimensional portal to call for help to stop the evil Doom Lord Empire before all of Mariglenica and the rest of the Multiverse falls.

Now operating from Logopolis, this desperate separate group of heroes and anti-heroes face all sorts of horrific monsters and situations in order to save Mariglenica.

A shadowy dimension in a shadowy house sits a shadowy man.

“Hello there! Didn’t see you! You are a fellow or lady known as a Troper aren’t you? I heard of your kind and it finally good to meet some of you. I am guessing you are wondering why I am here giving introductions to our little tale in the making yes? Then pull up a chair and listen to what I have to say, ”

The man in black points towards a set of chairs and gestures to a tea set which was laid out in anticipation of the Troper’s arrival.

“My name is Simon Culp and I am a gentleman, exactly what I am is not important to our little drama but I am the narrator and as such I am the one who sees all and knows all. One of my unfortunate side effects of being an omnipresent narrator is I have seen several futures related to a certain upcoming event. I have seen Death, I have seen Destruction the deaths of every single world and city ever created by people from this forum and it all stems from an incident on a world called Mariglenica. Very soon a call is going be heard from a young girl called Gruppetto Harmonica Melodica although some may know of her as Sarah Blueskies. For the future of both Mariglenica and the entire shared TV tropes universe, I pray you hear the call and join in the fight against an evil empire, farewell and hopefully I shall see you soon...”


     Chapter 1/2: Pages 1- 6 

Sarah sends for help and gets it. After finding out that Freedom fighter leaders Dorrace and David Daark (Younger brother of the psychopath of the same name) are scheduled to be executed within three days, Sarah and her team make their way to Abyssia to stop it.

Hoping to sneak in via the hidden Tonberry city under Abyssia, the group make their way underground but unfortunately run into the evil David Daark. After a battle with Daark (revealed to be a fake) several of the heroes are demoralized until the two Tonberry twins Palom and Polom arrive.

The hunters killing the Tonberries were defeated easily by the group but Daark was several steps ahead. Thanks to a Traitor within the Tonberries, an orb was planted which stripped all magic usage out of Abyssia. Sarah and the group attempted to destroy the orb, but an self destruct began to count down. If it exploded, the water from the lakes of the city would flood the caves, killing everyone.

After the orbs magic retarding power was shattered, Dorrace Daark sacrificed his life in order to open a teleportation spell and save the group and the Tonberries. His son joined them in escaping.

Now the sinister Doom lord sends his vampire minions to hunt down the second ingredient he needs for his evil plans....

What is Operation Toxification?

     Chapter 3: High Twilight: 6- 14 

Sarah reveals that the next mission will take them to the Freedom States to stamp out a group of vampires called The Sisterhood of the Ebon Twilight.

Due to Sarah's last encounter with the Sisterhood of the Ebon Twilight (which ended up with something unspeakably vile happening to her), David leads the group through the teleportation portal. Joining them were new recruits Doctor McNinja and Maria Renard.

Once there, they are attacked by the Leader of the Sisterhood Rosa and her army of Witherlings. After a great battle, which revealed two deeply buried secrets about the leaders of the resistance, thee vampires were defeated and the team met a new Ally, A pureblood vampire who hunts evil vampires called Floyd Lawson.

Now they prepare to interrogate Rosa while Z (who seems to have some kind of affection for Sarah), stunned after the revelation that Rosa and her cult had kidnapped raped and almost turned Sarah years ago, holds back his growing rage at this.

His anger is channeled elsewhere as Daark reveals that a Tonberry, known as Aesop, has told them of the whereabouts of the base and that he is on his way to the teams base to kill all those who were inside it. Deciding to move on with the interrogation, Floyd suggests going to Lawson Lane. During the opening of the teleportation gate (Our heroes have since learned that using more than one mage merely drains them rather than kill), Bob jumps through before David could finish it and he ends up back at the base. Zexion is ordered to follow.

Team 1: The group reach Lawson Lane and commence the interrogation. Using magic Marisa, Z and David go inside Rosas mind. She is ready for them and reveals to them the day she raped Sarah.

Team 2: Bob and Zexion hook up the cables needed to activate a powerful teleportation device to land the base in Logopolis. They succeed but not before Zexion (who has a beef with Aesop, ) tortures and makes good on his promise to implant C4 inside the hapless Tonberry. Savant also makes her first proper appearance shocking Sarah, who thought she was a head on a TV screen. After the safe removal of the base (And Zexion detonating the Tonberry in Daarks face poisoning him) Sarah and Zexion decide to head to Lawson Lane to help the others. Bob meanwhile...

BOBS STORY: After Savant infects Daark''s defences with a virus, Bob is sent by Sarah to find out the Truth about Operation Toxification. However, he instead discovers something else entirely. The Sarah that has been with him and Zexion is a fake. After freeing the real one, he gets into a battle with Daark. Savant manages to teleport Sarah back to base but is interrupted by the security returning online before she could save Bob. His final fate is unknown....

Meanwhile: The false Sarah reveals herself as Mindy Magus, David's wife who appeared to die two years previously. After revealing her tragic tale to the team, they cannot bear to hurt her. Once David and the others return from their spell, he frees her and finds out that their love for each other is as strong as ever. The sugary moment is ruined though as Rosa breaks free of her imprisonment and escapes....

     Chapter 4: A song from her memory 14- 19 

After saying goodbye to Floyd, who has elected to continue to hunt for Rosa and her cult, the group returns to begin their preparations to save Sarah only to find her in a hospital bed looking really frail. David decides to pull in a favour and calls in "Raz" Aquato in order to remove Sarah's accumulated Baggage....

Raz alongside a new influx of heroes make their way to Mariglenica and were getting to know the other heroes. Raz makes his way into Sarah's mind and runs into a road block. It appears that Mariglenian minds require the aid of at least one Mariglenian Mage to enter....

Meanwhile Daark begins to change as a result of his battle with bob...what will this Pokémon evolve into? (Joke sort of...)

Coincidentally David also begins to change resulting him in becoming green skinned with yellow eyes and a rather annoying perky new attitude to life.

Mindy takes charge of the group and they split into three groups on three different missions....

Group 1: Raz, Z and David

They make their way into the rather tangled mind of Sarah Blueskies. David and Raz go deal with Sarahs baggage while Z finds out about Sarahs background and how she has never been able to love anyone until she met Z. She tells him that she loves him and he responds back by revealing he is just as much in love with her. Breaking her out of her depression the true villian is revealed to be Evan Beckar Daark, Davids uncle. He is defeated ad expelled out of Sarahs mind thanks to the combined effort of Sarah, Z, David and Raz.

group 2 Maria, Marisa, Floyd and a heck of a lot of Tonberries

The group, after getting a distress call from Floyd, finds his house destroyed and him feeding on a big yellow bird. Something bad had clearly happened; What Floyd told them will change things forever. The doom lord plans to awaken a special weapon known as the Toxifier. It has enough power to wipe out Mariglenica several times over. Armed with this new info they return to the base and are promptly attacked by their own security system. It is revealed that Savant has apparently betrayed the group and is taken down before killing Sarah.

Group 3 Mindy, Jotaro, John, Dr mcninja

The group head to the island of Sappho in order to find out if they are the next to be struck by the empire. Thanks to the very clumsy Savant, they have been taken to the opposite side of the island. After following some music they are ambushed by a group of Lamia warriors. They appear to kill Mindy and attack the others. But Mindy is pure rubber and a snapped neck will not work on her. The fight continues until the stuff at the base is solved. They then return minus Doctor Mcninja and gaining a kid called Orion who knows Z somehow....


With Sarah saved and Savants betrayal revealed to be caused by a mysterious being called a sheeda spinerider. The group leave Sarah and Z alone. They become a couple and Sarah makes Z her knight.

David coughs up green blood and puts it down to his recent trip into Sarahs mind.

Savant talks to Daark. It appears that she truly is a traitor and is ready to hand over the key to the toxifier to the villians...

     Chapter 5: The final days of Mariglenica 19- 25 
Several weeks into the future an unknown event has changed things entirely. A mysterious figure watches the chaos and recalls the events which lead to this future.

In the past David witnesses some terrible visions which according to the figure every has been having. But only David remembers. His eyes burst completly from the horrible things he saw and is blinded.

At a small orphanage in logopolis a man who looks like known Ansem retort psychopath Axel rose donates a large amount of money to the orphanage. This angers the real Axel who astride his world killing whale goes after the figure. He is revealed to be Daark and a huge battle begins.

Daark is clearly getting his ass kicked by both Axel and surprisingly ran. The battle completely destroys Logopolis, fearing he could lose this fight He summons the god of chaos Iscariot and bonds with him becoming the Iscariot avatar Daark.

But even this is not helping him win the battle....

Meanwhile David Magus attempts to get Zexion to implant some new eyes while the rest of the team begin evacuation protocals. The base disappears leaving the two ansem retorters, Ran and David on their own.

Chapter 5b: Gears of War

One week later

The group left behind storm Daark castle and massacre thousands of soldiers working their way up to Daark and the doom lord. Axel and Zexion take on Daark while Ran and David face the doom lord. The battles are tough and there seems to be no end in sight for David and Rans fight.

Axel meanwhile is kicking Daarks arse all over the place. Daark is losing badly to Axel until he is taken over by the god of chaos known as the Iscariot.

Elsewhere in the castle Doctor Mcninja is on a rescue mission to save Bob. He gets through the castle easily due to a lack of staff in the current chaos. But just as he was about to free Bob he bumps into Evan Beckar and a fight begins.

Meanwhile in Arana the group in the base decide to go to the temple of time to find an airship known as the invincible. They meet Floyds younger sister Frieda and the former evil vampire called Rosa who appears to have had a change in heart and wants to be a hero. No one trusts her....

They make their way into the base and find that many of the traps have been disabled. More worrying than that however is that the two vampires in the team sense something evil in the very bottom of the temple...

Chapter 5c: The fall of the Daark Empire

The group in the temple discover Andrellia dark goddess of time within the bowels of the temple guarding her airship. They are ready to fight but she feels battle is beneath her and instead taunts the group with knowledge of their futures.

Meanwhile at the castle Dr mcninja fights Evan and they are evenly matched. The dr blinds him with a smoke grenade and Evan accidently slices a huge gash into Savant who had just shown up to taunt Bob.

Meanwhile the fight between Axel and Daark intensifies. Ran escapes the castle with a near dead David and the sheer intensity of the fight collapses several parts of the castle.

Bob is freed during the chaos and burns Evan to death. The dr escapes from the castle alongside the badly wounded Savant just in time as Zexion and Axel sensing that the Iscariot was more powerful now merge into Andrew Jackson!

At the base Ran arrives with David and allows him to have a final moment with his wife. He then activates a teleporter and arrives at the temple. David then puts his bloodied hands on the ground and chants a powerful spell. He then removes his own heart thus activating the spell and removing the dark gods from their tenuous hold on Mariglenica.

The iscariot also disappears leaving a broken and insane Daark alone. Andrew jackson then finishes him off completely...

As the dark energy inside Daark tears both him and the castle apart. The doom lord uses this moment to activate the toxifier and escape.

A week later.

The group says their final goodbyes to their fallen friend David but are horrified when a deadly fog appears and affects the members of the group with links to magical creatures...

The doom lord laughing at what he has caused gets his power removed by Lezard valeth who then casually kills the doom lord...

     Chapter 6: It's the great pumpkin madame blueskies: A hamster horror production 25- 42 
The world is returning to normal after the death of the Daarks. Logopolis, Caledonia and the other cities destroyed during the war are being rebuilt but all is not well...Sarah has mutated into a siren and her relationship with Z is suffering as a result. New heroes Hahli and Austin are shown the ropes of the world.

Meanwhile a new batch of villians are slowly making their mark in Mariglenica. Lezard and his travelling companion Anonymous are attacking and draining powers from heroes and villians alike.

Two teachers from Logopolis Amelia and dr Charcis are gathering up power for themselves.

Napalm (formally Bob) and the Drab lord are making plans of their own.

Kyle necros gathers followers for his own twisted religion in New logopolis

and a mysterious villian known as the Librarian is manipulating them all for his own sick ends...

Hahli is sent to fight Kyle Necros alongside Rosa Krantz and they are both defeated....

Floyd dealing with his darker side after the fog brings out his latent vampiric urges goes on a hunting trip with Maria, John and Frieda and runs into Lezard valeth. They barely escape with their lives. Floyd sends Frieda back to the castle where she ends up having an adventure with Orion. They run into Amelia and Charcis who are looking through the library. They stun the two kids and alter their memories...

Sarah and Z take new recruit Austin up to the invincible and meet Gears and MAX. Gears is a mechanic and spymistress while MAX is a charming computer who controls the invincible and all on it. The computer is hacked into by Evan and a battle ensues as Austin proves he has the stuff to survive Mariglenica and Sarah discovers that Z has been ill for quite some time thanks to her own powers.

She decides to take Z to see her uncle Clive alongside Charcis and Amelia who are posing as new heroic recruits. The two kids and Austin also follow . They are unaware that Clive is a villian himself.

At Rans bar Ran and Dr mcninja face their own crisis as the Librarian comes in with the intention of making Ran doubt himself thus wishing to remove a potential threat to his plans. He suceeds (as Ran had been paid a visit by the drab lord earlier) and the one threat to Evan is removed.

Evan meanwhile sends a copy of himself to recruit himself with Charcis and Amelia. They tell him to take a hike and angrily disappears.

He then goes to the Drab lord who signs up Evan after testing him with his purple prose sonnet. Evan suggests the drab lord attacks New logopolis first...

Floyd and his posse travel to Rus (mariglenicas version of Russia) and are attacked by a bizzare mix of Hamster and vampire called Hampires. They defeat them all and discover that they were created by Clive....

At Clives house Z sacrifices his humanity in order to stop the song which was driving him crazy. After this Sarah stupidly tells him that Frieda is her daughter hoping that he would love her even more with no secrets between them. He takes it badly and leaves her but not before she asks him to take Frieda on his journey to keep Orion company

Sarah heartbroken attacks New logopolis at the same time Evan and Napalm attacks it. All out chaos breaks loose and Sarah is badly hurt by Evan. Meanwhile Napalm takes on Kyle and kills him easily. Two unknown robots attacks Napalm at this point. They are easily defeated, but managed to escape.

Simon culp the narrator of Mariglenica feels that things are going out of control and decides to intervene. He interrupts Zs journey and shows him two possible futures. Z goes to save Sarah much to Simons relief.

Z turns Evan into a mouse and saves Sarah. Simon then take them both plus Austin and Doc mcninja to the dark house.

Evan the mouse manages to return to the drab lords castle and breaks the spell. The Drab lord then orders Evan to find out everything he can on the gods of Mariglenica.

Sarah is saved thanks to the shadow mans healing abilities and a rather corny kiss from Z. Simon then offers to train the group in order to strengthen them for the terror that is coming. Z declines the offer in order to look after Orion and Frieda. Simon sends him back to Victoriana.

Back at the invincible Floyd quits the group after finding out everything that went on with Z and Sarah. He hates the fact that Sarah trusted Z over him and allowed his daughter to travel with Z. He gives Maria and John an ultimatum join with him or stay with Sarah. Gears orders them to follow him and make sure he doesn't do something stupid

Dr charcis and Clive go on the hunt for Orion while Amelia searchs the ruins of the church of Judas and finds a still alive Kyle. She offers to save him if he would tell her the secret of the Iscariot. He tells her the truth with a kiss shocking her. Kyle then heals himself and reveals that napalm killed Kyle thus freeing something that was hidden inside Kyle what this something is, is not known at the moment...

They return to Victoriana just as Charcis and Clive catch up to Z, Frieda and Orion. Simon shows up to send Frieda to meet her mother and decides to protect Orion from the villians. Z and Orion are unaware Charcis and Clive are villians despite the fact that Charcis attempted to attack Simon right away.

Clive knowing what they are dealing with runs away but gets struck by one of Simons shadow sword moves. He then reveals his true nature accidentally. Z and Orion kick the crap out of him

The chapter ends with Clive shrunk and trapped by Orion and the two teachers taking Kyle in order to "remove" his threat forever...


     Chapter 7: Killing time 42- 55 

two weeks later

A group of writers converge on their fictional universe in order to figure out why their characters are acting of their own free will. They discover that their fictional game has a mind of its own...

Sarah and the others return from two years worth of training and Sarah and Z run off to celebrate her return in their own way...

Frieda meanwhile has grown up and become a siren like her mother....

Doctor Mcninja has learned some new medical techniques

Austin has the entire history of Mariglenica at his hands and plans on bringing Evan to the side of the good guys. He is also surprised to learn that Sarah has made him commander of the Invincible and all who live inside it...

Amelia and Charcis finally enact their plan and remove the iscariot from Kyle who reveals himself to be David Daark in the process. The two teachers share the new found power and completely dominate Caledonia with our heroes barely escaping. The two villians then proceed to abuse their new power by bringing back to life Aria (clives wife) David Daarks original body and David Magus.

But something has gone wrong...

The two Davids seem to have switched personalities. As the walls between the dark gods and Mariglenica splinter both heroes and villians begin to search for the legendary weapons.

Amelia and charcis go after the Ruby flame but find out that someone had stolen it before them

David (now calling himself the magus)attacks the city of yang in search of the topaz throwing star and Sarahs group finds an unlikely ally in Daark. The heroes are completly crushed by the Magus but he is eventually taken down and imprisoned by the others.

Meanwhile the drablord investigates the truth of the dark gods and manages to get his hands on the one legendary weapon which could kill them all.

Sarahs team go back on the invincible and are attacked by a crazed Floyd Lawson. Mindy and Polom are murdered by the crazed gunslinger and is killed himself by Frieda.

The magus smiles as his plan is going as planned. He uses his power to smash the culp mirror and one of the keys to the Dark gods prison unlocks...

     Narrative interuptus: Plans within plans! the truth of the Magus revealed 55- 


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