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Recap / Bull S 4 E 7 Doctor Killer

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Season 4, Episode 7

Directed by Valerie Weiss
Written by Larry Kaplow

Doctor Killer

Bull has a difficult time defending a client who has confessed to accidentally killing the doctor who tried an experimental treatment on his sister, only to later learn that the treatment had never been tested on humans. It turns out the client is covering for his sister's son, who followed the doctor down a street and pushed him into a chain-link fence. The fence's gate was left unlocked, and the doctor plunged into a construction pit to his death. With the son now on trial, the prosecution tries to paint him as aggressive and having no remorse, leaving Chunk to work overtime preparing the teen. Meanwhile, Taylor does some digging and learns the doctor had been given a $500,000 advance from the pharma company to test the treatment on a human, and was only a week away from having to pay back the money due to the contract expiring.

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