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Recap / Bull S 2 E 20 Justified

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Season 2, Episode 20

Directed by Dennis Smith

Written by Chamblee Smith, Sarah H Haught, Marissa Matteo, & H Park


Kate Martin, an abused wife, shoots her English professor husband in the back while he sleeps. Bull's old friend from a battered women's clinic convinces him to help on the case, which isn't difficult given that Bull's late sister was also an abuse victim. Bull opts for an all-or-nothing defense, Murder 1 or acquittal, with no lesser charges being considered. Bull is convinced that, although her husband was sleeping at the time she killed him, Kate felt her life and that of her unborn child threatened on a daily basis. This becomes difficult to prove, given that Kate rarely told anyone about the abuse and made only one trip to the emergency room, where she checked in under a false name. Danny and Cable are finally able to locate a teaching assistant that the husband cheated with. While the young woman was not abused herself, she did listen from another room as the husband fought with Kate and made threats. Elsewhere, Chunk confronts one of his law school professors who failed him in a class, convinced it was due to bias.



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