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Recap / Bull S 1 E 11 Teachers Pet

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Season 1, Episode 11

Directed by Holly Dale

Written by Chris Eric Maddox, Indira G Wilson, Elizabeth Peterson, & Thomas Wong

Teacher's Pet

During a high school football game, footage is aired of one of the star players making out in a car with a teacher. While the teacher loses her licence, she is not immediately charged for statutory rape of a minor due to the footballer being just past the cusp of legal age, so reoccurring attorney Liberty Bell requests TAC to help a jury decide whether the relationship was truly consensual or an abuse of power.


  • Hot for Teacher: The footballer, Jordan, is absolutely infatuated with the teacher, to the point that he's willing to give up his family and future for her.
  • Mama's Baby, Papa's Maybe: With the revelation that the teacher is not only pregnant, but has been since a month before the footballer was of the legal age of consent, it's important for TAC to learn whether the father is the footballer or the teacher's ex-husband. It's the ex-husband's, but the footballer was prepared to raise it as his own.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Said by the teacher when Bull helps her realize everything she's putting the footballer through.

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