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Recap / Bendy and the Ink Machine E4 Colossal Wonders

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The chapter begins with a dissonance of Henry's voice, repeating the same line he gave at the beginning of the first chapter. Waking up to find himself in front of the now ruined elevator, Henry sets off to rescue Boris from the twisted Alice Angel. Finding a valve wheel needed to open the archive room in the Management office, as well as an audio log from an unknown person whose speech is indiscernible, Henry enters the archive room to find a statue of Bendy surrounded by the Lost Ones, ink creatures just like the Searchers. Henry then finds an audio log from Susie Campbell where she remarks on how Joey double-crossed her, and despite how Joey promised an "opportunity" for her, has something special planned for him while saying Alice doesn't like liars. After deducing that he needs to push 5 books sticking off the shelves back into place to open the door, Henry notices that the Lost Ones have disappeared after he pushes the book next to the private door. After pushing 3 books in, Henry experiences a brief disruption in which a shriek disturbs his vision, and the room seems to be shaking before he comes to his senses. After pushing all 5 books in, Henry leaves the Archives and enters the cavern.

Coming across a bridge that needs a gear to work, Henry finds a vat of ink that creates a swollen Searcher with thick ink on it. Taking the ink back to an ink maker to create the gear, Henry places it onto the switch and activates the bridge cart, allowing him to move across the chasm (though not before it stops in the middle while dramatic music plays in the background). Upon entering the Mineshalf, Henry experiences another brief disruption where he sees inky arms coming out of the walls and hears strange whispers. After exiting the hallway, Henry hears Twisted Alice's voice taunting him and daring him to hurry up and rescue Boris. Reaching the lounge, Henry finds a room full of Lost Ones, with one muttering about being tricked and wanting to go home. Finding a flashlight in front of an open vent, Henry takes it and crawls into the vent, getting a jump scare from Ink Bendy upon reaching the first corner (fortunately, Ink Bendy can't reach through the vent). Henry exits the vent and finds himself in front of the door to Storage 9.

Climbing the stairs, Henry finds the phrases "COME UP AND SEE ME" and "ALMOST THERE" painted on the walls before finding a room with concept sketches taped to the walls and an audio log from Bertrum Piedmont, who brags about his skills as a world-famous amusement park builder but is upset about his treatment at Joey's hands. Bertrum vows to design Bendy Land, an amusement park themed around Bendy. Henry opens Storage 9 and finds the theme park in question, deducing that he needs to enter the Haunted House attraction to go further and discovering that he needs to power 4 switches in order to open the door. Finding an audio log from Wally Franks remarking how the warehouse workers keep getting locked out of rooms and receiving a hint about mini-games to open the door, Henry plays the mini-games in question to power the first switch, then enters the Research and Design room to find the Butcher Gang. Using the empty bacon soup cans to the distract the gang, Henry is able to reach the second power switch and finds an audio log from Lacie Benton, who states that she's not bothered by the work conditions but is creeped out by the Bendy animatronic that Bertrum build.

In the Attraction Storage room, Henry finds a deceased Striker as well as an amusement park ride. Upon playing the nearby audio log however, Henry finds out that Bertrum has become the park ride in question and, now driven insane by Joey's mistreatment and stealing the credit for his ideas, attacks Henry. Using the nearby ax, Henry manages to disable Bertrum before finding the third power switch. Entering the Maintenance room, where the lower levels are flooded knee deep in ink, Henry finds the Projectionist patrolling the room as well as an audio log from Joey Drew revealing that he doesn't believe in his own dreaming rhetoric. After pulling the switch need to open the next room, the Projectionist chases Henry until he hides himself in the Little Miracle Station. Just as the Projectionist attempts to attack Henry in his hiding spot, Ink Bendy arrives and decapitates the Projectionist. Although Ink Bendy does seem to know where Henry is, he surprisingly doesn't bother to attack him, instead leaving with the Projectionist's body.

Activating all of the power switches and opening the entrance to the Haunted House, Henry hops onto the cart to proceed, hearing Twisted Alice's voice remarking how nobody was in control of Joey Drew's Studios and questioning Henry's reason for coming back, before sadistically telling Henry that she has a surprise waiting for him. Entering the ballroom, Henry sees to his horror that Twisted Alice has turned Boris into a hulking monstrosity as the former sics the latter on him. Collecting the blobs of ink coming out of Brute Boris' body and using the nearby Ink Maker to create Gent Pipes, Henry is forced to mercy kill Boris in self-defense, enraging Twisted Alice as she comes out to kill Henry herself. Just before she can reach him however, Twisted Alice gets stabbed from behind by a perfect version of Alice Angel as the latter and another Boris arrive to Henry's rescue.