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Recap / A Thing of Vikings Chapter 1 "On Approach"

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Book I, Chapter 1

Dragon War, The —Popular name for the low-level raiding conflict between the Green Death Nest and the Viking settlements of the Hebrides islands; specifically in reference to Berk, in the Inner Hebrides, ranging from circa 750 Common Era until 16 September, 1040 Common Era (Julian reckoning). While just one of many human-dragon conflicts in recorded history, The Dragon War is commonly referred to as the singular and eponymous conflict due to its resolution—specifically, the taming and subsequent domestication of dragons by the Norse of Berk, with the resulting impact on history.

Cross-references: Berk (Island); Green Death (Dragon); Haddock, Astrid, I; Haddock, Hiccup Horrendous, III; Haddock, Stoick, I...

Encyclopedia Norlandia, 7th Edition, 1642, Edinburgh, Scotland

Tropes That Appear In This Chapter:

  • Battle Trophy: Stoick kept some of the remains of the Green Death, having hanged the tail over the entrance of the Great Hall and the teeth and scales decorating the interior to represent their victory against it.
  • End of an Age / Dawn of an Era: The Dragon Wars are over, and while he may soon not be able to trade in dragon parts anymore, Trader Johann still envisions a new age of prosperity for Berk and himself.
    "To the end of one era, and the beginning of a new one, where we shall grow fat on peace, instead of lean on war!"
  • Establishing Character Moment: The quote from the fictional history book Encyclopedia Norlandia, 7th Edition can be read as an application of this trope towards the entirety of the fanfic itself; the events leading up to and coming after their battle against the Green Death (and the various characters and dragons that made up the story) are treated as an actual historical event in the real world during the Viking Era.
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  • Made of Iron: While dragons are vulnerable on the inside, dragons scales are more than durable against dragon fire on both sides, thus much of the Green Death's corpse survived its incineration.
  • Rising Empire: When Johann and his crew sees what Berk has become for the first time, one of the crew-mates is able to guess from one look at them that what they are seeing is "a fortune on the wing... a beast that was the stuff of nightmares being ridden like a horse by the son of the chief ...demons broken to the saddle and stirrup. ...the future patrician of a great trading house, whose crest will be dragons and coin."


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