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Quotes / Micaela Dee

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"I want people to look at me and wonder if I am working or playing."
—Dee, explaining why she likes acting.

"Growing up, my dream had always been to be an actress. I felt most myself and expressed when I was performing in school plays, writing fiction, and making groups laugh. Somewhere along the line I told myself, that's not something I can really do. I'm not pretty or talented enough. I don't have the industry connections. It's not possible, so why even try... and the list goes on and on."
—Dee, explaining her creative prowess.

"Buffy just inspires me about everything. So, basically, whenever I'm not wanting to do something, I'm just like 'what would Buffy do' and then I just do it."
—Dee, talking about how Buffy the Vampire Slayer inspired her career.


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