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Quotes / Double Dare (1986)

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Jason Harris: A trip to Universal Orlando Resort. That would be fun. What do you want to do with it?
*Shouting to go for it*
Red Radical's mother: No, We are not going to do it! We are just going for $200.
*Audience groaning*
Jason Harris: Okay, you can do that! Oh, look what Brooks the Monkey has to say about that! Oh, he is not very happy about this!
—One of the times the team decided not to go for the "Triple Dare Challenge!"

Marc Summers: Sorry about it, folks. Well, traffic is unbelievable on today's show.
Marc Summers giving an apology to the audience about the traffic jam in the episode known as Marc's late.

Marc Summers: Here is your next question, Which comedy team would use the catchphrase "Who's on first?"
Red Team girl: Laurel and Hardy?
Marc Summers: Oh, no! Laurel and Hardy is incorrect! We were looking for is Abbott and Costello! I'm sorry. There was no dare in place. So, nobody gets the money. But control goes to the blue team. (To the red team) Sometimes it's better if you dare them if you don't know what the answer is.
—From one of the Family Double Dare episodes.


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