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Quotes / Charmed S7E5 Styx Feet Under

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Paige: "You know, it's okay. I cast a protection spell on the innocent so it should be all right."
Piper: "Excuse me, you did what?"
Paige: "I cast a protection spell because, you know, you can't keep watching them all the time."
Piper: "Paige, protection spells backfire. That's why we don't use them."
Paige: "Don't worry about it. I got the spell from my best grad student. I'm all over it."
Piper: "Well, you better be because the chaplain's on the move."

Piper: "It sure as hell isn't my problem."
Paige: "Stop yelling at Death!"

Paige: "Okay, long story short: Death has temporarily recruited Piper."
Piper: (Holds out her hand and a parchment appears) "And now I have to collect all the souls on the list before the coroner starts cutting up my body."
Phoebe: "Cutting up your body?"
Piper: "Autopsy."
(Phoebe gasps)

Sirk: "You can't be taking her seriously."
Phoebe: "Dude, you're dead. Start acting the part."
Angel of Death: "This has been quite a remarkable day. Even for me."


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