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Mohs Rock Metal / Levels 1 to 3

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Here lie the softest, most radio-friendly songs in the scale. Make sure you pass here if you came from listening to songs at the scale's hardest end, they might help you unwind. A vast majority of music enjoyed by children can be found here, as well.

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    Level 1 
Genres: Acoustic, lighter Soft Rock, Piano music, Modern Classical, Baroque music, Chamber music, quieter Electronic Music, Ambient music, lighter Tropical music, softer Dream Pop, Gregorian Chant, Ragtime, Nursery Rhymes, Slowcore, Lowercase, Chillstep, Field Recordings, Nature Recordings, Reductionism, Indeterminacy, very light Pop, Elevator music.

Matching mineral: Talc

    Level 2 
Genres: Soft Rock, Art Rock, Piano Rock, Acoustic, Bubblegum Pop, light Classical Music, Power Ballads, lighter Pop, Motown Sound, R&B, Art Pop, Contemporary Worship Music, lighter Disco, Folk Pop, Dream Pop, lighter Shoegaze, Jangle Pop, lighter Jazz Fusion, Smooth Jazz, Reggae, Dance-Pop, Chillstep, Tropical music, Latin American Music, soft Post-Rock, Folk, Lounge, harder Slowcore, softer Futurepop, softer Synth-Pop and New Wave.

Matching mineral: Gypsum

    Level 3 
Genres: Standard Rock, Pop Rock, softer Power Pop, softer Alternative Rock, Folk Rock, Jangle Pop, Art Rock, lighter Pop Punk, Bubblegum Pop, Post-Rock, Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Trap, harder Folk Pop, Art Pop, Synth-Pop, Electropop, Futurepop, Dance-Pop, harder Dream Pop, traditional Dubstep, R&B, Reggae, Post-Punk, New Wave, Post-Industrial, lighter Progressive Rock, AOR, lighter Shoegazing, Disco, harder Latin American Music, Reggaeton, Film and TV Scores.

Matching mineral: Calcite


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