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One of the age ratings of the Entertainment Software Ratings Board. Similar to an "R" rating, this rating is aimed at people who are at least 17 years old. This is why it is termed "Mature". This rating has a strong connection to the tropes Rated M for Money and Rated M for Manly.

While the ESRB is not legally enforced anywhere, virtually every retailer in North America have policies to refuse the sale or rental of games with this rating to minors. Brick-and-mortar stores (like Walmart and GameStop) will ask for legal identification (usually a driver's license or non-driver's ID) if someone seems old enough to buy it but appears too young, much like as they do for the otherwise legally-enforced sales of tobacco and alcohol, although many kids usually get around this by having a parent, guardian, or older sibling right beside them during the purchase. Online retailers (like Steam) enforce their policies by means of age checking; if the account attempting to purchase a M-rated game is registered to a minor, they cannot buy it. This drops when the minor's account reaches their seventeenth birthday, although the service may ask that if a tied-in adult account could permit the account's upgrade from minor to adult.


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