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O hai.

U can has descripshun of tvtropes? Dis wiki iz lolcatalog of trix of traed four riting fikshun.

Tropes iz devises n convenchuns dat riterz can relie on dat audiense probly can has in mindz n exspektayshuns. Uzually, tropse iz not kleeshays. Kleeshays iz word meens stairy-o-typed n tright. Iz means dull n not intrestin. We can not has dull n not intrestin entrees. We iz here to recgniz tropse n play with, not mkae fun of dem.


Wiki iz name tvtropes bcuz we did tv furst. Ovr few yeers, our skope krept out to has other meedia. Tropes transend tv. Dey reflct life. Sinse lots of art, espeshly poplar artz, dose its best to reflekt life, tropes iz prolly showin up evrywhr.

We r not a stuufi enciclopeedic wiki. We r butlode moar nforml. We can has breezey langwij n orginal thot. Iz no such thng as notebilty, n u dont has to has sitashuns. If your entree cant has evidens by Wiki Majick, it jus withr n dye. Til then is availbl thru mane tropse ndex.

Klik "troprvil" in menyu on uppr left of any paje n find plases wher troper comunty gathrz to talk bout thingz.

U can has fun! Kthxbai.


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