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Male Examples

  • The "last leaf" cliche dates back at least to the first decade of the 19th century, when Charles Hubert Millevoye wrote his highly popular poem "La chute des feuilles" ("The Falling of the Leaves"), in which a sick young man wanders mournfully in the woods musing on his upcoming death. "La dernière feuille qui tombe/A signalé son dernier jour" ("The last leaf to fall/Signaled his last day").

Female Examples

  • The titular rat in the poem story Beishang has rather vague terminal illness, the which is characterized by her persistent hacking of blood, and she later dies before she and her father could make amends , However, the poem isn't too clear as to what brought on her illness and seems to imply that she wasn't well before her illness started to take her life and that her despair worsened it or, rather, her sudden terminal illness was caused by her despair.
    • Similarly, we have this in What He Couldn't Save, the girl's father fights desperately find a cure for his sick daughter, his relationship with whom was strained. When her illness hits terminal, she falls comatose and she later dies, leaving her father unable to make it up to her and haunted by her death.


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