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Heartwarming / Tomorrow's Romance Dawn

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Past or future, it's the Straw Hat Pirates. There are going to be heartwarming moments.


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     Original Version 
  • While exploring the Sunny's library, Vivi finds a wooden box containing the Eternal Pose for Alabasta. She realizes the crew held on to it so they would always be able to find their way back to her.
  • Future Chopper is reunited with Roronoa and Lysopp but couldn't jump up to hug them due to having been put in a trance to go into his Monster Point. Roronoa then picked him up and casually started carrying him, the closest Roronoa would give a hug to anyone. The past Straw Hats are pleasantly surprised that Roronoa and Tony are so friendly in the future.
  • Lysopp, Tony and Roronoa immediately stepping between Vivi and Robin, after Vivi recognized Robin as Miss All Sunday and attacked her. Roronoa flat out even called Robin one of his friends.
    • Roronoa checking up on Robin and asking if she was okay after said meeting. The earlier comment Roronoa made about Vivi meeting Robin indicated that he was actually worried about Robin's reaction to meeting Vivi.
  • Luffy easily accepting Future Robin despite (to him) their earlier rough encounter.
    She's my nakama in the future. What else do I need to know to trust her?

     Edited Version 
  • After Luffy has a rather... strong reaction to Ace's voice being in the rainbow fog, the Past Straw Hats afterwards make sure he's okay.
  • Sanji having a twisting feeling in his gut when it's revealed Roronoa is blind in one eye.
  • Luffy wailing and hugging Zoro when Chopper reveals the amount of tranquiler shot into Roronoa could have stopped his heart— even if it's a little over the top.
  • Roronoa's reaction to finding out he's back on the Merry, such as rubbing his hand on her figurehead.
  • Roronoa feeling bad about scaring Chopper. And despite being scared of him, Chopper insisting on treating his injuries.
  • A certain future sniper not having it in him to be upset about the fact his idiot captain hadn't changed in the last two years.
  • Roronoa seems to be proud that Usopp- who, alongside Zoro, Luffy, and Sanji- is getting a weird vibe off the island.
  • Nami bantering with Roronoa, and her finding comfort in how he hasn't really changed much in two years.

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